North West Shows Her New Diamond Grill in a Tik Tok Video

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North West, the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, displayed a strikingly different appearance (diamond grill) to her teeth on Wednesday, which was also the day that her father revealed his titanium dentures, which cost $850,000.

When North smiled for the camera, she revealed a dazzling grill that adorned her pearly white teeth. The ten-year-old was featured in two videos that were posted on the joint TikTok account that she shares with her mother.

There is a montage of images that Kim has captioned, “The things, my daughter makes on my phone ha ha.” In the pictures, North West can be seen posing with some of her friends, and then the next slide shows a close-up of her dental jewelry.

North West is seen in the picture pulling her lips apart, so exposing eight covers that are adorned with jewels and fitted over her teeth. There was yet another video that appeared to have been shot around the holidays, and it had North showing off her grill.

North West Diamond Grill Teeth

Obviously, North’s teeth alteration is not permanent because the grill can be removed, and in her most recent TikTok video, she is not wearing them.

It would appear that her father, on the other hand, has made the decision to undergo an alteration to his teeth that is permanent, as he posted a picture of his titanium dentures on Wednesday.

The 46-year-old man revealed the brilliant silver blocks that have replaced his teeth by posting a close-up of his mouth on his Instagram Story. He also detailed the process of replacing his teeth.


Kanye West appeared to have taken his inspiration from a James Bond antagonist when he uploaded another image of the fictional assassin known as Jaws. Jaws was famous for the set of stainless steel teeth that he wore in his mouth.

According to a statement made by his dentist, Dr. Thomas Connelly, to, “Ye was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process.”

His desire to design one-of-a-kind works of art extends beyond the realm of dental development. He went on to say that the new look that was generated as a result of the combination of his vision and dental science was truly magnificent.

Kim Kardashian is another member of the family who enjoys grilling, so Kanye and North West are not the only members of the family who have chosen to get their teeth redone.

A snapshot of the mother-of-four’s “new opal birthstone grill” was uploaded on her Instagram account in 2021. In 2019, she displayed the accessory on her bottom teeth.

The dental accessory has even been worn by Saint, the son of the former marriage, who is eight years old. In June of 2023, Saint wore what appeared to be a gold grill with the Louis Vuitton emblem on his front teeth.

Kim and Kanye are the parents of an additional child, a son named Psalm, who is four years old, and a daughter named Chicago, who is six years old. In 2022, after nearly seven years of marriage, the former couple finally filed for divorce and formalized their separation.

Kim disclosed in a recent interview how she handles the challenging issues that her children ask her after she divorced their father.

In an interview with GQ, she stated, “In the end, what matters is that children feel loved and heard.” This is something that you should be sensitive to because they are only children, and it is difficult to go through no matter what age you are.

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