Timur Turlov’s Career as an Entrepreneur and Financier

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Throughout his journey in the world of finance, Timur Turlov, a Kazakh entrepreneur and banker who was born in Russia, showcased tremendous achievements, ingenuity, and tenacity. In his school years, Turlov first became interested in making investments on the stock market.

In 2003, subsequent to his graduation from high school, he became a member of the World Capital Investments (WCI) Moscow branch, which is an American investment firm. Through the course of his work as a trader, he was able to acquire significant knowledge in the field of finance.

A shift to Yutreyd.ru, a subsidiary of Uniastrum Bank in Moscow, was made by Turlov in the year 2005. His primary concentration was on the operations of the American stock market, and he was able to successfully construct an infrastructure that allowed access to the stock exchanges in the United States.

On the other hand, amid the global financial crisis of 2008, Uniastrum Bank was eventually sold, and the trading business where Turlov worked was shut down.

Founding Freedom Finance

Turlov and his colleagues, unfazed by various failures, made the decision to build their own business by capitalizing on their expertise and experience. Freedom Finance is a company that he established in 2008, and it offers brokerage services and access to stock markets in the United States.

When it came to actively selling American assets, the company’s objective was to provide regular investors more leverage.

The scope of Freedom Finance’s operations was broadened when Timur Turlov was in charge. By the year 2022, it has established a presence in thirteen nations, providing financial opportunities to a wide range of customers.

As a result of the company’s dedication to both expansion and support for its clientele, it has been recognized as the broker in Russia with the most rapid expansion.

Global Expansion and NASDAQ Listing

In his vision, Turlov went beyond national boundaries. In 2011, he relocated to Kazakhstan and established Freedom Finance JSC after establishing the subsidiary. According to the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange, this subsidiary was the most active trading participant as of the year 2022.

Turlov became the primary stakeholder of Freedom Holding Corp. in the year 2015, which established Freedom Finance Investment Company, Freedom Finance JSC, Freedom24, and Freedom Finance Bank as a single entity under the umbrella label of Freedom Holding Corp.

This year, the holding company became the first financial institution from the Commonwealth of Independent States to reach this significant milestone by listing its shares on the Nasdaq Stock Market.

This event took place in 2019. In his role as CEO of Freedom Holding Corporation, he continues to foster innovation and cultivate investor empowerment across the United States, Europe, and Central Asia.

Turlov’s impact goes beyond the realm of financial markets and therefore shapes the future of investment opportunities. The company holds 72.56% of the shares.

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