European Union imposed huge fine to Facebook for misleading in WhatsApp takeover

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facebook takeover whatsapp

The U.S second giant company Facebook Inc. has to pay the multi-million euro fine as EU probe out Facebook misleads and provide incorrect information before getting approval from it to buy the WhatsApp messenger two years ago in 2014.

The European Union competition authority revealed in a statement yesterday that Facebook Inc. previously accused of giving not enough details or incorrect details over linking the data of Facebook with WhatsApp messenger, when the regulators finalized the ties for buying the viral online messaging app WhatsApp two years before in 2014 but now the Facebook Inc. combined Facebook and WhatsApp user details that become he reason through which it has to pay a multi-million Euro fine.

Preliminary, the EU officials probe out the matter and later an antitrust authority of European Union on Tuesday get to know the details provide by Facebook Inc. incorrect or misleading information in takeover with WhatsApp. Investigation revealed, In 2014 Facebook claims that it is impossible to combine the user data of Facebook with its messaging app WhatsApp automatically but Facebook claim went wrong when it surprised users in summer by launching the update which automatically synchronize cell numbers and user name.

No doubt, it is a unique approach of Facebook Inc. but it is the violation of law rolled out in 2014, although it received positive response but on the other hand people also declared it the violation of privacy.

The U.S second giant company grossing $ 17.93 billion yearly yield and now it has to sacrifice its allegedly 1% of yearly income to pay fine as well as the European Union also asked to respond till 31st January.

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