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Earthquake in Morocco
By M George On Saturday, September 9th, 2023

An Earthquake Kills 300 and Damages Marrakech in Morocco

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported that the Richter scale 6.8 earthquake that hit Morocco on Friday evening was the biggest earthquake to strike that region of the North African republic in over More...

Ottawa, Canada
By M George On Monday, September 4th, 2023

The Ottawa Shooting Killed 2 and Injured 6

Two individuals died and 6 more sustained injuries after a fatal shooting occurred in the parking area of a reception for a wedding where multiple wedding activities took place, and others raced to safe locations More...

Ukrainian families
By M George On Sunday, September 3rd, 2023

Grieving Ukrainian Families Face Counteroffensive

Boys in their teens mourned their father in Kharkiv Yevgeny Hutnik on Sunday, 10 days before he passed away while fighting versus Russian forces in the eastern Donetsk region. This is an image that is all too More...

Bill Richardson
By M George On Thursday, August 31st, 2023

Former NM Gov. Bill Richardson Deaths at 75

According to a statement released by the Richardson Institute for Global Engagement on Friday, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson passed away. Richardson was a prominent figure in the Democratic Party for More...

General Brice Oligui Nguema
By M George On Wednesday, August 30th, 2023

General Brice Oligui Nguema is the new Leader of Gabon After a Coup

General Brice Oligui Nguema has been appointed as Gabon’s interim leader after army officers staged a coup on Wednesday and seized authority in the West African nation of Gabon. Earlier, General Nguema was More...

Political Advertising
By M George On Tuesday, August 29th, 2023

X Returns to Political Advertising for 2024 US Election

The social media network X, previously referred to as Twitter, has changed its mind about political advertising and will now welcome it back onto the site. The timing of this decision is significant since it falls More...

Emmerson Mnangagwa
By M George On Sunday, August 27th, 2023

Zimbabwe’s Mnangagwa Reelected Following Contentious Election

After earning a clear majority in a contentious presidential battle that was plagued by delays, the current president of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, was proclaimed the winner in Zimbabwe’s elections for More...

Russian missile strike on Ukraine's Chernihiv
By M George On Sunday, August 20th, 2023

Seven dead, 144 Wounded in Chernihiv Missile Assault by Russia

According to Ukrainian officials, a Russian missile that struck a key square in the ancient city of Chernihiv in northern Ukraine on Saturday resulted in the deaths of 7 individuals, including a child as young More...

Iga Swiatek
By M George On Saturday, August 19th, 2023

Star Tennis Player Iga Swiatek Addresses Online Critics and Detractors

Once more, we are shown that the internet may be a wide wasteland for people who engage in trolling activities online. Iga Swiatek of Poland, who is now rated number one in the world among women’s tennis More...

Canada wildfire
By M George On Thursday, August 17th, 2023

Emergency Evacuation of Canada City as Wildfire Approaches

Warnings have been issued that a wildfire might approach one of the main communities in the far north of Canada by the weekend, and as a result, the city has been evacuated. Yellowknife, the administrative center More...