Ankara to Istanbul: What Are The Best Travel Options

Ankara to Istanbul Travel Options

A lot of visitors travel from Ankara to Istanbul every day. These visitors include the local Turkish people, as well ass international travelers and tourists. When traveling between two cities, every tourist has some concerns about the traveling options. Here are the most common traveling options that you can use when traveling to Istanbul from Ankara. More...

by Rashid Nawaz | Published 3 months ago
Toronto Arts Public Places
By Kyle Thomas On Sunday, October 30th, 2022

How the City of Toronto Encourages Artistic Expression in Public Places

Everyone is welcome to come and look at the mural that was recently painted on the corner of your street because public art is free. It takes boring structures and breathes new life into them as a canvas by dressing More...

Missing Persons Sister
By Kyle Thomas On Saturday, October 29th, 2022

Not Forgiving The Nsw Police Force And Missing Persons Sister Put Marion Julius In Harms Way

Change the mind no more forgiving people have been horrible to Marion so no more forgiving. For so many years the New South Wales (NSW) police force and the missing person’s sister put Marion Julius in harm’s More...

effective sale brochures
By Kyle Thomas On Sunday, October 23rd, 2022

How to Improve the Performance of Sales Brochures

You may be asking what you can do to increase the reaction to a sales brochure or flyer you plan to publish in order to attract customers or advertise a new product or service. To what extent may sales brochures More...

West Virginia Abortion Law
By Kyle Thomas On Friday, September 16th, 2022

West Virginia’s Gov. Jim Justice Signed a Bill Banning Abortion into Law

On Friday, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice made the announcement that he had signed a bill into law that forbids almost all abortions, with the exception of specific medical circumstances, as well as those involving More...

Dollarization-University Tuition Lebanon-Lebanon
By Sara Batool On Thursday, July 14th, 2022

Students’ Lives Are Worsened in Lebanon After Dollarization of University Tuition

  The availability of higher education in Lebanon is jeopardized because of the high cost of tuition in US dollars. Universities, on the other hand, insist that this is the only option as the economic crisis More...

Tamil Nadu Tourism
By Aditeya Pandey On Friday, June 24th, 2022

Tamil Nadu is the Leading Tourist Destination in India

CHENNAI: According to the India Tourism Statistics 2021 published by the Union Ministry of Tourism, Tamil Nadu has emerged as a leading tourist destination by topping the country in tourist arrivals in 2020. In More...

Saudi Crown Prince to Visit Turkey
By Rashid Nawaz On Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022

Saudi Crown Prince Makes His First Visit to Turkey Since the Murder of Khashoggi

It is the first time since the killing of Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia’s Istanbul consulate that the country’s crown prince has traveled to Turkey. One-on-one conversations between President Recep More...

Ukrainian Refugees in Turkey
By Kyle Thomas On Sunday, June 19th, 2022

Over 1,000 Ukrainian Orphans and Foster Kids Take Refuge in Turkey

More than 1,000 orphans and foster children are among the 50,000 Ukrainians who have fled to Turkey in the course of the conflict. Some of them have relocated to Antalya. It is a coastal city with a large Ukrainian More...

By Kyle Thomas On Monday, June 13th, 2022

Losing My Dad Has Been Tough: Dancehall Artist Shalkal Feeling the Pain

Shalkal is a Jamaican dancehall and reggae performer, as well as a realtor, author, and developer. Because of his greatest loss ever, he is in a state of mourning. Shalkal’s father passed away on June 7th, More...