Bitcoin enjoys history breaking surpassed at the end of year

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bitcoin beaking records

The virtual currency Bitcoin has recorded a three-year high history breaking surpassed as the year creeps to end, the value of Bitcoin virtual currency lead it to become the global safe heaven asset.

The Chinese virtual currency Bitcoin is enjoying the all time best end of year price surge, the history breaking peek point previously set in 2014 and the sharp achievement of virtual currency has led to extensive mainstream media coverage and bagged social media’s attraction.

On the morning of December 22, Bitcoin crossed the $ 12 billion highest mark of the date. Although the Chinese currency’s single coin has only the worth of$ 435 in the opening of 2016 and dropped about 7 percent during 2016 but the virtual payment system now has hit the three-year highest mark set in 2014 and now the each coin’s worth climbs to $ 900.

The ever best worth of Bitcoin officially surpassing the performance of currencies like the Russian ruble by a huge margin as it recorded the year to date growing price. The steady upward progress is on the way despite facing the hacks on Chinese virtual currency Bitcoin in which hackers has stolen several coins.

This year in August, the Hong-Kong based currency Bitfine suffered from a major hack in which attackers flew away the $ 65 million worth of Bitcoin, with the online surfacing of hack news the Chinese currency values and fame lower to 10 percent but end of year surge again earn fame for it.


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