Just in 4 days Super Mario Run downloaded 40 million times; A new record

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Super Mario Run proved to be a first huge hit of Nintendo on App Store as Company confirmed that the game has entered in the top grossing category in 100 countries as well as got the first rank in Top Free Charts in 140 countries.

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run although earned poor reviews for asking $ 10-price but it can’t keep the game away to become successful because the Nintendo Company confirmed in a Japanese Press release that the gaming app has been download more than 40 million times from App Store in its first four day which mean the download is quite not same as purchase.


Super Mario Run is listing in Top Free Charts of iTunes App Store but also available in purchased category, the purchase charges is for those who ambitious to unlock all of its content including power-ups of the game. Super Mario Run grossed 2.85 million downloads on its first day of debut on iOS in total of 140 countries.

Previously, the game handed over in different best-selling gaming consoles which sold 40.28 million copies by virtue of running on different gaming consoles but now Nintendo introduced Super Mario Run with iOS audience.

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