Women from all across US flooded to Washington to double the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd

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Washington: It’s going to be impossible to gauge the exact wideness of the crowd attended the inauguration of the Donald Trump in 2017 but the wideness of the anti-inauguration protest is double.

Comparing the billionaire President Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd with the anti-inauguration Women’s March, thousands of people gathered to attend the inauguration of the Donald Trump but this is not shocking because the anti-Donald Trump inauguration March estimated that the amount of people double than that of supporter’s crowd.

A city official in Washington estimated the crowd, although the estimated crowd of approximately 250,000 people attended the Donald Trump’s inauguration on 21st January but the anti-inauguration protest reach to 500,000. DC Metro expected to be much higher as just 193,000 rides were noticed at 11 am while the capital’s trains

Organizers has estimated that the crowd comes from all across the United States to Washington. The estimated crowd of 500,000 may rise as the people were continue to mark their attendance to downtown in March.

Attendance noticed at Donald Trump’s inauguration estimated much lower than Barack Obama’s inauguration reported in 2009. The recent inauguration gets only 250,000 people but the Barack Obama’s inauguration were attended by 1.8 million.

The organizers of the March even not mentioned the Donald Trump’s name in the mission statement, they were intended to send a strong message to the new government because the women right in United States are human rights.

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