After ‘Blue Whale’ ‘Momo Game’ became fatal, Two children committed suicide

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Momo Game become fatal

After a fatal game Blue Whale Game which had taken many people’s lives, Momo game challenge is playing that role, The target of which was Colombia’s two children.

According to a Telegraph report, In 48 hours 16-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl committed suicide in Colombia which belonged to the MOMO game.

According to the report, both the children knew each other and the boy shared the game with a girl.


Momo Game is actually shared through social media accounts like Whatsapp, YouTube, and Facebook.

It uses a dangerous art picture, called ‘Mother bird by link factory’ so that children can be curiosity.

Its links are becoming viral on social media, which are proving fatal. There are some different challenges to these links that are threatened when they are not fulfilled and are encouraged to commit suicide.

It is clear that last year, the Blue Whale Game was a viral that consisted of 50 challenges, whose last challenge was suicide. As a result of this challenge, many young people were also betrayed by their lives.


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