Published On: Thu, Sep 6th, 2018

Cheap Way to Build ‘Earthquake-Proof’ Buildings From Rubber-Cement

rubber cement earthquake proof building

Earthquake is one of the worst and rapidly spreading disasters worldwide. However, with the simple way, buildings can be made earthquake proof.

Hain Bernal Sachszie, professor of the Edinburgh Napier University, says that most of the deaths in the earthquake occur due to the breakdown and collapse of the elevated buildings. They have mixed the rubber of spare tires successfully into the building cement and have constructed buildings that are protected from collapse.


According to Professor Hoan, if the ground of old tires is mixed with clay, then some thick layers are stored in the base of the building, the building can bear a severe blow of the earthquake.

It is estimated that by this method the promotion in the building can be decreased by up to 80 percent during an earthquake. In comparison to this affordable technology, the expensive technology, however, saves the buildings from the earthquake, but its use increases the cost of building several times.