No School Before Diwali? Here’s How to Study Online During Lockdown

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No School Before Diwali

There has been an endless debate on whether it is time to open schools or not. Finally, the senior education officials agreed about the preparedness of reopening schools. Now parents have to wait at least until Diwali before taking their kids back to schools in Maharashtra.

The decision announced by the Education Minister came after consultations with other senior officers in the sector. It was considering the rising coronavirus cases, which stood at 15,17,434 positive cases and 40,040 deaths at the time of the decision.

According to the Ministry of Education, it is not yet time to allow kids back to school as the virus is fast-spreading. Closing every learning institution was one of the government’s measures when the virus spread began in March this year.

Most students have been attending virtual classes, while others have had face-to-face learning with teachers in their localities. However, assessment has become a challenge as the students need to do a standard examination to end the academic year.

Besides schools, students in colleges will also have to continue staying at home until the situation gets under control. The department in charge of higher education insists that it is not yet time to open, including students seeking learning opportunities abroad.

Students and parents are eagerly waiting for communication from the relevant authorities. Most of them have outstanding educational loans, and they need to make the most out of them. Staying at home will cripple their productivity, and these loans will seem like a waste.

According to the education ministers, local officials should make individual decisions about education in the areas they represent. They can decide on full or partial reopening with permission from the government. That’s the best way that students can get back to school.

Online learning and How it Works

Learning has to continue in the middle of the pandemic as students still need to move from one level to another. Although the virus has affected this, there have been alternatives that will help them cover the syllabus. This is where online writing services come in place to facilitate virtual learning which has been one of the best solutions over the pandemic period.

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The question of its effectiveness has been troubling parents, teachers, and other stakeholders. However, there are several benefits of learning online such as convenience and flexibility. Yet online classes require a lot like face to face classes. Students have to be ready to put more effort to succeed in them.

One way through which online learning can be possible is the use of online education forums. Creating communities where students can have meaningful educational conversations is difficult, considering the many dangers the internet exposes them to. However, this seems to succeed as students see the need to complete their syllabus without any distractions.

There have been various YouTube videos and educational forums online, making it easy for students to learn at home. Here is an example of a YouTube video teaching students in the comfort of their homes. Another link here takes you to a discussion group where students are having educational conversations.

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You can make an excellent online learning environment at home and get the best out of it. You need to ensure your study area is away from any distractions such as phones, games, etc. Ensure there are reliable internet, comfortable seats, and good lighting for easy learning.

You also need good communication skills to succeed in online learning. Ensure also that you respect the teachers and use formal language in addressing them. Because of the distance, most students tend to use informal language in online classes. With these tips, online learning will become effective as students and teachers await schools’ phased reopening.

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