How to Find the Best Student Housing Option near Macquarie University?

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Student Housing

Macquarie is one of the best universities in the world. It was the recipient of the AFR Employability Award in 2020. If you have been selected to study there, you need to find a reasonable and comfortable student accommodation within your budget.

If you are looking for international student housing close to Macquarie Uni, there are several options you can explore. There are some essential features that you should evaluate before selecting any accommodation.

Here are six features to help you find the best student housing near Macquarie.

1.    Type of Rooms Available

Away from home, you might want to live with your friends or in the company of other students. So, a sharing apartment would be an ideal housing option for you.

For example, you will share a large apartment among six students. But each occupant will have their bedroom and private bathroom. This way you can enjoy company but also have your own space.

Look for housing options that cater to your room preference. You will have a well-appointed kitchen, eating, and study area. There are also standard to premium studio apartments on offer.

2. Housing Security

Security is essential as it gives you the peace of mind to study, mingle, and travel with ease. So the property should be secure. CCTV, onsite support, and electric access cards are a must for student housing.

Even in the case of a shared apartment, your bedroom should have private electronic card access.

3. Accommodation Facilities

When looking for student housing options, inquire about the available facilities. For example, student housing comes equipped with a range of facilities. They are:

  • Free unlimited Wi-Fi throughout the property
  • Libraries, private and communal spaces to study
  • In-house game rooms, cinema rooms, and gym
  • Lounge and TV areas

Check if the property offers an onsite laundry facility. This is a time and effort-saving facility which will make your routine a lot easier.

4. Social Spaces

Spaces like lounges, gyms, cinema rooms, an open, airy courtyard are excellent spaces to meet and mingle with the student community. You catch a Netflix movie together or enjoy a BBQ party.

Open spaces are necessary because they help break the monotony and help rejuvenate with nature.

5. Discounts for Macquarie Students

Do ask for a Macquarie student discount when looking for accommodations nearby. You might get a good deal on the weekly rates advertised. If you are enrolled in a long-term course, booking accommodation yearly will be cost-effective.

For example, you might save around $60 to $80 on your monthly rent.

6. Connectivity to University and City

You should pick a student housing property conveniently located near the University and well-connected to other parts of the city. Location becomes more necessary if you rely on the public mode of transport.

Make sure there are bus and train stations nearby. A 10 to 15-minute commute to University should be your ideal property location.


When looking for student housing close to the University, consider location, room type, facilities, security, and budget. While applying, feel free to ask about scholarships available that could help assist you with rent payments.

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