Apple’s 12-Core M3 CPU is the Key to a Rapid “Mac comeback.”

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Mac M3

Apple is purportedly developing a prototype of an M3 Pro chip having 36GB of RAM, 18 graphics cores, and 12 CPU cores in the midst of declining sales of its Mac computers.

An M2 MacBook Air with a 15-inch and maybe an M2 Ultra Mac Pro are both anticipated to make their debut at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event that will be hosted by Apple. The M2 version of the Macs has not yet completed its rollout.

According to a fresh rumor, development on the M3 CPUs is already well started at the company, and this indicates that the corporation is already hard at work to prepare the next generation of products.

The CEO of Bloomberg, Mark Gurman alleges in the most recent issue of his Moving On newsletter that Apple has been working on a subsequent upgrade to its Mac processor. He bases this allegation on data supplied by an app store developer who wishes to remain nameless.

The model of the M3 that was discovered during testing contains a total of 12 CPU cores, of which there are six cores optimized for outstanding performance and six cores optimized for lower power consumption. It is thought that this model is an imitation of the standard M3 Pro.

 This is in comparison to the M2 Pro, which has 10 cores for the CPU (a total of six high-power as well as four efficiencies), and the M1 Pro, which has eight cores (four of each type). Because this report is a logical development from earlier publications, the credibility of the study is bolstered as a result of this evolution.

The rumored M3 Pro also has 18 graphics cores, which is another natural development from the 16 visuals cores found in the M2 Pro along with the 14 visuals cores found in the M1 Pro. Additionally, it has 36GB of RAM, which is an increase from the 32GB found in both of the prior processors.

Gurman hypothesizes, on the basis of the different progressions, the upcoming M3 Max might have 14 CPU cores and 40 visuals cores, while the M3 Ultra, as a result of the improvements made feasible by the 3nm production method, could have “a maximum of 28 CPU cores and more than 80 GPU cores are available, whilst the M1 Ultra has a maximum of 64 cores available.” Considering the different progressions, Gurman came to this conclusion. The processors that come with this are anticipated to be really quick.

Gurman contends that the M3 might be a crucial pillar in Apple’s campaign to win over consumers to the family of Mac, which witnessed a 31 percent decline in income in its latest earnings report.

Gurman’s argument is based on the fact that Apple’s most recent earnings report showed a drop in Mac sales of 31 percent. He believes that the M3 could assist the corporation in developing new strategies to attract customers to return to the lineup.

To put it another way, 2017 is likely to be an important year for Mac users. Gurman believes that the first M3 Macs might perhaps come by the close of 2023 or the beginning of 2024 at the earliest, but all eyes are going to be on WWDC the following month to learn more about the remaining M2 Macs. According to what he’s been informed, Apple is already hard at work developing M3-powered variants of the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac.

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