Airport authority gives a luxurious treatment to a Teddy Bear

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teddy bear vip treatment on airport

Russian’s fourth largest city Yekaterinburg’s Airport workers is giving a VIP treatment to a passenger’s teddy bear which was accidently left behind while taking off to Thailand for winter vacations.

Teddy Bear is much liked by most sensitive people who even not sleep without it, the Airport workers finds a familiar case on a Russian Airport when a heartbroken owner accidently leaves her teddy bear behind. Forget traveling first class, the teddy bear is enjoying the luxurious teddy class from nice clothes to delicious meal.

Little Ulyana had been traveling to Thailand with her family for winter vacations but the young girl forgets to carry her sweet teddy bear from Russian’s Airport terminal. The heartbroken owner young Ulyana’s mother emailed the Yekaterinburg Airport Authorities that they lost their teddy bear when they take off to Bangkok on 25th December. Luckily, the kind hearted staff response to Ulyana’s mother email by quoting “Don’t worry Ulyana, your teddy bear is doing great, While you swim and sunbathe, he’s living with us.”

teddy bear vip treatment on airport

After receiving a lost teddy bear email, the Airport staff has been giving a very luxurious treatment to teddy bear and also sends snaps of it enjoying the teddy class at airport. However, ted is receiving a very best treatment but the Yekaterinburg Airport Authorities has only disclosed the name of the girl but not revealed the age and picture of the young heartbroken owner but The Siberian Times unveiled the kindness of Airport workers by saying, “There still exists kindness in this world”.

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