Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov shoot dead by Turkish assassinated Police officer

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Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov

The Russian Intelligence Services FSB vows to strict the security measures to its embassies after the murder of Russian Ambassador in Turkish Gallery on the evening of 19th December. Police security officer pulled trigger to gun down the Russian ambassador in Ankara.

Ankara: The vicious incident comes out just after the corporation and improved relations between Turkish and Russian Government. So a real time captured video of murder of Russian ambassador in front of a large crowd rapidly viral on internet in which Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov came to attend the opening event of art exhibition.

The Attack took place on Monday evening when Mr. Andrei took stage for a concise speech but suddenly after one or two minutes, the Turkish Special Police man deployed for security of Mr. Ambassador,  pulled the trigger of gun and opened fire in front of the heavy crowd  which can also be seen in the video. Ankara’s Police officer shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ and opened fire on him, he also stated after murdering the Russian Ambassador ‘Do not Forget Aleppo’, ‘We Die in Aleppo but You Die Here’, he also asserted that, ‘Unless our towns are secure, you won’t enjoy security anymore’. Only death can take me from here; everyone who is concerned in this suffering will have to pay a price.”

In the footage of camera, it can also be seen that Ankara’s Police off-duty cop on shoot once more when he lay on floor; so after killing the Russian Ambassador, the Police man also shoot dead by security officials while six people including the his mother, father and sister of the Turkish Police officer under arrest for interrogation.

While the Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on state television, Mr. Karlov cruelly killed as well as he also allied with Turkish President via telephone and both leaders ready to cooperateand help in the investigation of terrorism act.

Source: GEO TV


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