Stardust Award 2016: Priyanka Chopra encourages Bollywood male stars to try in Hollywood Industry

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priyanka chopra stardust awards 2016

The stunning female actress Priyanka Chopra of Bollywood melted the hearts of fans with her heartwarming speech at Stardust Award 2016 after receiving Global Icon Award last night; a number of other b-town celebrities graced the red carpet with best and worst dresses.

The winter season is always going to be the season of Awards in 2016 also as back-to-back awards functions in the romantic December charming the red carpet with several superstars.

The last night the Quantico seductive star Priyanka Chopra first received the eyeballs of the audience by getting the Global Icon Award and then her gratifying speech encourages the junior stars to work even harder to score the best position in their professional career.

The Hollywood beauty who slays the red carpet with Anamika Khanna’s stunning outfit gives special thanks to her fans for such support in the Hollywood industry too, she also said that the Global Icon Award is pretty special for her.

Because it isn’t simple to leave your homes, families and the loved country but to gain prominence all over the world the stars have to work in different countries and places but it is the heartiest support of parents and fans that allows a person to secure the peak point in the film industry.


The ‘Bay Watch’ actress said, Bollywood industry raising its strike thrillers shapely but none of the male Bollywood actors attempted a single time to be part of the Hollywood Industry, although the Indian actresses have manifested their appearance in different flips.

The Award Show invites about all B-town stars including stunning Kriti Sanon, Sonam Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez who graced the red carpet with their curious dressings.

The 34-years old actress will share a glance on the big silver screen next year in two Bollywood films but she will confirm their name early in January of next year.

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