Walk like Penguins, Doctors advised Germans to avoid slipping on ice

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walk like penguin on ice to avoid slipping

Berlin: German trauma surgeons advised public on Wednesday to follow the footsteps of penguins to avoid slipping on pavements with freezing temperatures nationwide over the next few days.

With the arrival of attractive charms of winter, the public of Germany also have to be more careful to avoid slipping on icy surfaces over the next few days. Regarding this, an advisory note has been published on the website of German Society of Orthopedics where the trauma Surgeons asked to be intelligent like aquatic birds Penguins.

Penguins like to walk on ice in a very sensitive and intelligent manner by which these aquatic birds easily walk without slipping. The techniques used by Penguins involves the torso forward so that the center of gravity is on the front leg.

If a normal person’s walk is analyze, the center of gravity splits into to two legs by which the chance of slipping increase.

Municipal authorities faced a lot of criticism over the failure to sprinkle the Berlin’s pavements by which more than 1000 people slipped on icy surfaces. However, the rescue services received as much as 750 emergency calls as well as the emergency rooms were also filled with patients in January 2014.

Berlin public alerted before the situation and also told the method of walk to avoid slipping on capital’s pavement as it is expected to plunge the temperature of the Germany’s Capital Berlin to -10 degree centigrade (14 Fahrenheit) on Saturday.

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