Published On: Tue, Feb 21st, 2017

Donald Trump unveil name of new US Top Security Advisor


The billionaire US President Donald Trump made lieutenant general Herbert Raymond McMaster his new National Security Advisor who is highly regarded for best tactician and strategic thinker of US military.

Washington: The United States President Donald Trump is on the way to build his own administration for running a world’s super power in a more sophisticated way. On Feb 20, Mr. President met with Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond McMaster at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach and made him his new National Security Advisor.

Republican Trump has chosen Lieutenant General Hebert Raymond McMaster because of his challenging mind to compete with superiors. Although Raymond McMaster is a high profile military person and best known for tacticians and strategic thinking but the selection of him as National Security Advisor of President Donald Trump stunned a large territory of observers.

Observers surprised because Trump has made top Security Advisor that military officer whose military career stalled at times for too much question to superior authorities but now White House has to deal with a Security Advisor that is against the criticism.

While on the other hand, the President of United States of America introduced the new Security Advisor Lieutenant General Hebert Raymond McMaster is words, “He is a highly respectable person by everybody in US Military and it is an honor to have him”.

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Trump who spent his weekend at West Palm Beach also express about McMaster, “He’s a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience.”