Losing My Dad Has Been Tough: Dancehall Artist Shalkal Feeling the Pain

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Shalkal is a Jamaican dancehall and reggae performer, as well as a realtor, author, and developer. Because of his greatest loss ever, he is in a state of mourning.

Shalkal’s father passed away on June 7th, just a week ago. The renowned Jamaican singer was helpless by this shocking development, which also had an impact on his adoring audience.

Music lovers who follow Shalkal’s YouTube videos, Facebook and Instagram profiles, and personal phone numbers conveyed their condolences to the singer for his LATE father through messages on those platforms as well as prayers.

Other Jamaican celebrities showed up for the funeral and extended their condolences to the Shalkal and his family.

Shalkal’s anguish and tension were understandable following the death of his father. A video for his new song, “Hush,” was in the works at the time.

The video release of Hush will be delayed, but supporters believe that Shalkal will recover from this devastating setback and rise to his former glory.

Shalkal stated in an interview that he had no words to express his sorrow and his great loss, but he remained resolute and unflappable.

He told us that he was aware that his followers were expecting a lot from him and that he had to get out of this position quickly for their sake.

Shalkal Hush

Shalkal’s Upcoming Video Song

The new song “Hush” that he just released is garnering a lot of attention, and the comments that his listeners are providing the music is really nice.

There is a consensus among music critics and fans that Shalkal is one of the most prolific singers to emerge from Jamaica in this genre.

In January of the year before, we broke the news that Shalkal, the newest sensation to come out of Jamaica, had indicated an interest in expanding his fan base outside the limits of his home nation.

The dancehall musician, Shalkal recently said in an interview that there are no limitations placed on music. As a consequence of this, it would make him really happy if he could perform his music in front of people from all over the world.

Shalkal created a brand new townhouse complex in Jamaica in order to make that goal a reality for himself and his family. Runaway Bay, Jamaica is the location of the townhouse that he dubbed “Bella Rula,” and it was named for him.

The dance style known as Shalkal has garnered a sizeable degree of popularity across the country and has even served as the impetus for a substantial number of the dance video content that can be found on a variety of social media websites, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok.

All of Shalkal’s music can be found on famous music websites like Spotify, Apple Music, Discogs and YouTube as well as all of the main music streaming services.

To top it all off, in 2021, Shakal released a book titled Put God First, which was made available for purchase on Amazon.

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