Bella Rula: A New Townhouse Complex Established By Shalkal

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Bella Rula at Runaway Bay

Last year in January, we mentioned that the latest Jamaican sensation, Shalkal wanted to expand his audience internationally. In an interview, the dancehall artist Shalkal said that music has no boundaries. Therefore he would be excited if he can reach an audience worldwide with his music.

To fulfill that dream, Shalkal set up a new townhouse complex in Jamaica. He named the townhouse Bella Rula and it is located in Runaway Bay Jamaica.

The Runaway bay is a historical beach in Jamaica that has a history of about half a million years ago. Runaway Bay is one of the best beaches in Jamaica and it is famous for the Green Grotto Caves. Apart from this, music and entertainment are another reason for the popularity of this beautiful beach in Jamaica.

The dance hall reggae artist, Shalkal choose this beach to open his newly built townhouse complex, Bella Rula.

Shalkal believes that musicians and artists must collaborate with each other and for that, they should have a platform. Bella Rula will be an accessible platform for local Jamaican and international artists to collaborate with each other.

In the latest interview with The Daily News Times, Shalkal said that Bella Rula will serve as a resort to inspire musical artists, where artists can create and share creative ideas.

“It will be a place where artists culminate to create and collaborate their next hit song”, says Shalkal.

How Bella Rula Will Help Jamaican Musicians?

It means that the great Jamaican artist is not thinking about his career or his life, in fact, his focus is to improve the quality of music and he wanted to help the music industry as well.

This great initiative of opening a new townhouse complex, Bella Rula in Runaway Bay will help the newbie musicians to get some ideas from the senior artists. They will be able to learn new things from pro-Jamaican and international musicians.

While talking to our correspondent, Shalkal said; “It’s a place where artists can relax and gather lyrical content for their songs.”

“It will cater specifically to creative minds”, he added.

Creative minds think for the betterment of society and not for individuals. The intentions are clear Shalkal wants to give his people something to enjoy and wants to participate in the economic growth of his country.

This townhouse complex Bella Rula will not only open new ways for the musicians and local artists, but it will serve as a gateway for the locals and tourists.

This will become a tourist spot as well where tourists would love to visit. They will enjoy the natural beauty of Runaway Bay in Jamaica along with the local music of Jamaica.

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