Top 5 Most Popular Street Foods in India – A Guide for Tourists

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Chole Bhature

Food is much more than just the three meals that we eat each day for those who are passionate about it. They experiment with the street foods in India they eat in as many different ways as they can and broaden their culinary horizons in the process.

If you and your travel companions enjoy eating food purchased from vendors on the street, then India’s street food will undoubtedly live up to the high standards of your anticipated culinary adventures.

There is not a single place in India in which you will not be able to find at least one delicious delicacy that you have never sampled before. Due to the fact that India is such a diverse nation, each region has its own specialty food.

From the mouthwatering pani puri served in Delhi to the puchka served in Kolkata to the vada pav served in Mumbai. Every town or city has some dishes that are emblematic of its history and culture.

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Panipuri (Gol Gappe)


Panipuri, or should I say Puchka, is one of the most ubiquitous types of street cuisine that can be found in practically every city in India. Should I say Puchka instead? Or, do you think it would be more appropriate for me to refer to it as Gol Gappe, Gupchup, or Pani ke Patakhe?

Is it really that strange that one culinary item may be referred to by five different names? The reason for this is that the cuisine can be obtained in virtually every city in India and gained its name since it is commonly used in everyday speech.

The delicacy is created by mashing potatoes, to which a wide variety of seasonings are then added before the mixture is stuffed into structures in the shape of crispy balls. In addition to that, it is brimming with spicy and sour water, which gives it that perfectly balanced flavor.

If you find yourself in India, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in this dish, which is not only popular but also well regarded.

Aalu Chat

Chole Aalu Chat

Again, Aalu Chat is a North Indian delicacy that is most commonly found in the regions of West Bengal, Bihar, and Delhi. When traveling through Northern India, it is highly recommended that you give this street cuisine a shot because it is among the best of its kind.

Potatoes, a variety of spices, coriander leaves, and sometimes onion and tomato are used in the preparation of this dish. Depending on the location, certain components of the dish may have additional components added to it or certain components may have certain components removed from it.

As usual, it has a flavor that is slightly spicy and sour; nevertheless, upon customer request, some vendors would add tamarind juice to make it taste sweet. This type of meal may also be found widely available on the streets of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

If you ever find yourself in Northern India, you really must seek out some Aalu Chat while you’re there. It is not difficult to find, and not only that, but it is really easy on the wallet.

Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature

It is recommended that you try the best Chole Bhature in the country in the Punjab region. As time has progressed and our experimentation with food has progressed, now the entire region of North India serves Chole Bhature.

This delicious Indian street food will make your mouth water on your plate. Its primary component is chickpeas, and the dough used to make the paratha is similar to that used for other types of bread.

The delicacy is a favorite in Northern India, and it is strongly suggested that you try it. Especially if you are extremely hungry and looking for something that is satisfying without being overly spicy and has the ideal balance of sweet and sour flavors.

Before being served, the delicacy is typically adorned with onion, coriander, a variety of spices, and occasionally curd as well. It is extremely simple to acquire as a street meal across the entirety of Delhi and Kolkata.

You could even consider it to be your lunch for the day rather than just street food if you eat enough of it. There is a sufficient quantity of food available to fulfill the requirements of a complete meal. While you are in this area, you shouldn’t leave without trying India’s Chole Bhature!

Vada Pav

Vada Pau

If you ever find yourself in the city of Mumbai, you might notice that the evening snack of choice for around half of the city’s population is a dish called vada pav, which is known for its exceptional flavor.

Some people even enjoy eating breakfast or even lunch that they get from a street vendor. In most cases, bread and mashed potatoes are the main ingredients in vada pav.

The food item is presented in such a manner with all of its extra spices, and just the proper hands are used to make a perfect conclusion, that the person eating it is unable to deny the superiority of the street food over other options. In addition to this, it is one of the cheapest forms of food that you will ever find on the street.

Even while you can get this type of street cuisine in virtually any city in Northern India, the authentic flavor can only be experienced in the state of Maharashtra, which is where it originated.



Ghugni is one other type of street cuisine that can be found extremely often throughout the entirety of North India. It is a fairly straightforward delicacy, but the way in which it is offered to the consumer is what makes it so delicious.

Chickpeas are the primary component in the preparation of the dish; nevertheless, the flavor is created by the spices and other components that are used to decorate the street food.

It is strongly advised that you try the Ghugni that is sold on the streets of Kolkata. However, you can also try this cuisine item in other regions of the north-eastern section of India.

It is also relatively affordable and has a flavor that is predominantly hot; however, some vendors put it in tamarind juice, which makes it taste both fiery and sour at the same time.

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