Top 10 Pakistani Actresses on Instagram Based on Followers

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Top 10 Pakistani Actresses

This list is based on the number of followers on their Instagram account, and it shows the stats until 12th September 2021. On this list of top 10 Pakistani actresses on Instagram, Ayeza Khan is on the top of the list with 10 million followers.

Ayeza Khan is the only actress in Pakistan who has 10 million followers. She achieved this milestone on 12th September 2021. Whereas Aiman Khan is in second place with 9 million followers.

The Raees girl, Mahira Khan is in 3rd place on the list of top 10 Pakistani actresses. She has 7.9 million followers, but it is expected that Minal Khan will soon replace her as she has 7.8 million followers.

Sarah Khan and Sajal Aly both have 7.2 million followers each. Sajal Aly was on the top a few days ago, but Sarah is getting more popularity in 2021 so now, Sarah Khan has the same number of followers. In a few days, she will also get more followers than Sajal.

The top 5 places belong to “Khan” girls and these are Ayeza Khan, Aiman Khan, Mahira Khan, Minal Khan, and Sarah Khan.

If we talk about male actors or male celebrities, then Atif Aslam is on the top who has 6 million followers. If we consider the top 10 Pakistani celebrities, then there is no male celebrity in the list of top 10 Pakistani celebs.

Top 10 Pakistani Actresses on Instagram

Rank Name (IG account) Followers Following
1 Ayeza KhanAyeza Khan
10.5M 356
2 Aiman-KhanAiman Khan
9.6M 313
3 Minal KhanMinal Khan
8.4M 370
4 Mahira KhanMahira Khan
8.4M 450
5 Sarah KhanSarah Khan
7.7M 59
6 Sajal AlySajal Aly
7.4M 116
7 Iqra AzizIqra Aziz
7.2M 59
8 Mawra HocaneMawra Hocane
7.2M 59
9 hira maniHira Mani
6.5M 351
10 Sana JavedSana Javed
6.4M 410
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