Hania Amir and Farhan Saeed: Ranjhnaa’s Mehndi Collection Photoshoot

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Since they appeared in the super hit ARY digital drama “Mere Humsafar”, Hania Aamir and Farhan Saeed have become the focus of a great deal of media interest. That is why they are doing the Ranjhnaa mehndi collection photoshoot for the Maha Wajahat Khan clothing brand.

The performances given by Hala and Hamza in this drama were well received, and many viewers said that the actors appeared to be acting in an authentic manner. The drama Mere Humsafar was also noticed in the neighboring country India, and Hania Amir got a lot of fan following from India.

Many of Hania’s Indian fans mention that they didn’t know about Hania until they have seen her in Mere Humsafar in the character of Hala. They admired her beauty, smile, dimple, and above all, her amazing acting skills.


It’s been reported that Farhan Saeed is a singer, but judging by his actions, it appears more likely that he’s a versatile Pakistani actor. And while some people said so, it’s true that he does act.

Hania Aamir is just 22 years old, yet she has already achieved a great deal of success despite the fact that she began acting at such an early age. And on the other hand, Farhan Saeed is married, but the rumor is circulating on social media that his actress Urwa Hocane has divorced her husband.

But neither the husband nor the wife is commenting on the news in any way, neither confirming nor denying it. They appear to be maintaining full silence on the matter.

Maha Wajahat Khan’s Ranjhnaa Mehndi Collection

The famous Pakistani actress Hania Aamir and the famous Pakistani singer Farhan Saeed recently had a bridal photo shoot. The shoot was done by the Maha Wajahat Khan clothing brand. Some of the stunning photographs from Ranjhnaa’s Mehndi collection shoot have gone viral on the internet.

It is clear from the pictures that have gone viral that the photo shoot is being filmed as if Hania were Farhan Saeed’s actual wife. When Hania smiled, the dimples on her cheeks were more pronounced, which contributed to an overall enhancement of her already stunning appearance.


Hania & Farhan Mehndi Photoshoot

And a recording of this photo shoot was done for the new bridal mehndi outfits that Mahas Photography Official is just released. Additionally, this assortment is known as the Ranjhnaa collection.

If you would also like to witness the bridal photoshoot of Hania Amir and Farhan Saeed, (Hala and Hamza from Mere Humsafar), who participated together, then take a look at the photographs that are provided below.












Hania Amir Ranjhnaa Mehndi Shoot (Solo)

Here are a couple of Hania Amir’s solo pictures for Ranjhnaa’s mehndi collection photoshoot by Maha Wajahat Khan clothing brand.



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