Published On: Sat, Feb 11th, 2023

Why The Best Cruise Tours in India are Popular Among Tourists


Cruise tours in India are becoming increasingly popular among tourists who want to explore the country in a unique and immersive way. India has a vast and diverse landscape, and cruise tours offer a way to see some of the most stunning and remote areas of the country.

The popularity of cruise tours in India has grown in recent years due to the increasing availability of well-organized and professional tours. There are now many different types of cruises available, from luxury cruises to more affordable options, catering to a wide range of budgets and preferences.

The popularity of these tours also stems from the fact that they offer a hassle-free way to travel, with all transportation, accommodation, and activities are taken care of. Cruise tours in India often provide an all-inclusive experience, with meals, entertainment, and guided tours of local attractions included in the package.

Furthermore, cruise tours provide an opportunity to experience the local culture and customs, interact with locals, and witness the natural beauty of India from a unique perspective. The tours also provide a sense of community, as travelers on the cruise often develop a bond with each other and with the staff.

Overall, the popularity of cruise tours in India is a reflection of the country’s increasing appeal as a travel destination, as well as the desire for travelers to experience the country in a more immersive and unique way.

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Best Cruise Tours India

India is home to many beautiful and historically rich cities and regions, and there are several cruise tours that offer a unique way to explore this vast and diverse country. Some popular cruise tours in India include:

  1. Brahmaputra River Cruise: This tour takes you through the remote and unspoiled areas of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. You can explore the wildlife, culture, and history of the region while sailing on the Brahmaputra river.
  2. Backwater Cruise in Kerala: This tour takes you through the serene and tranquil backwaters of Kerala. You can enjoy the lush green scenery, interact with locals, and taste the delicious local cuisine.
  3. Sunderbans Delta Cruise: This tour takes you through the mangrove forests of the Sunderbans delta, which is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger. You can explore the flora and fauna of the region and learn about the unique culture of the locals.
  4. Ganges River Cruise: This tour takes you through the holy city of Varanasi and other important historical and cultural sites along the Ganges river. You can witness the rituals and ceremonies of the locals and learn about the spiritual and religious significance of the region.
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These are just a few examples of the many cruise tours available in India. It’s important to research and choose a reputable tour operator and make sure to follow all safety guidelines and regulations while on the cruise.