Bands for Apple Watches may Include Additional Functionality

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There is a large number of third-party manufacturing companies that produce peripherals that are compatible with Apple’s products, particularly the Apple Watch and the iPhone. Apple, on the other hand, is in the enviable position of being able to produce peripherals that distinguish themselves from the plethora of third-party possibilities by developing a unique connection between its own goods.

A new patent that was recently awarded to the firm provides a hint that Apple may, at some point in the future, offer a specific sort of bands for Watch of Apple, each of which would have a distinctive effect once they were placed on the device. In point of fact, the patent discusses not one but two one-of-a-kind effects, which are the activation of a certain program and the modification of the displayed theme to correspond with the color of the band.

According to the folks over at AppleInsider, Apple had previously been granted a patent that is in some ways similar to this one. It detailed a model of a band of Apple Watch that would allow the user to customize the color of the band whenever they pleased. You may be wondering how that could take place. To put this into the most basic terms possible, a band on the wristwatch would receive voltage from the watch that contained an electrochromic layer that was woven into filaments.

This more recent patent looks to be on the more practical side, as all that is required to make it work is the utilization of NFC. The near-field communications tag that was embedded in the band of the watch would be read by the watch, and once it was identified, the watch would presumably respond in some way. This might also be used to notify the user, via the wearable device, if they are in possession of an authentic, approved Apple product rather than a “fake” one.

Currently, this is protected by a patent, so there is no way for us to know for sure whether or not the concept will develop into an actual product or not; yet, it sounds like the perfect method for Apple to have additional profit and control from their famous wearable. Nevertheless, if the band were to change colors, it would be a far more interesting feature. As so many people who own smartwatches also wear them as a piece of jewelry, The Apple Watch could then be created using this method the most versatile smartwatch available in terms of its overall functionality.

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