An Attempt by a Nine-Year-Old Girl to Play in the US Women’s Open

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Bella Simoes, who hails from Brazil, is striving to make history as the youngest player to ever qualify for a major championship.

The first round of qualification for the U.S. Women’s Open is underway at the Golf Club in Florida at Mediterra, where competitors are vying for a spot in the tournament that will take place at Pebble Beach in July and include the greatest female golfers in the world.

One of the contenders is a player who is attempting to break the record for being the youngest player in the tournament’s history to be eligible for the Major.

Bella Simoes, who hails from Brazil and turned nine only in August of last year, kicked off the qualifying round with the opening shot, which instantly revealed her confident swing and her capacity to maintain her composure under pressure.

The record has been set by Lucy Li, she registered for the 2014 event when she was just 11 years old and competed in it, but if Simoes is successful in achieving her goal this week, she will smash that record by a significant margin.

Simoes first picked up the golf club when she was just two years old, and by the moment she turned five, she was already competing in competitions. According to her Instagram account, she has recently been funded by TaylorMade as well as has even played alongside World No. 7 Lexi Thompson, who at the age of 12 had already qualified for the U.S. Women’s Open.

In addition, it took not much for Simoes’ skill to be rewarded with hardware; she has already won the United States World Championship for Golf of Kids 3 years running, the last time in August of this year.

The things that Simoes has accomplished in the game to this point are outstanding; nevertheless, if she were to qualify for some of the women’s sport’s highest-profile tournaments on some of the world’s most famous courses, it would undoubtedly top all she has done to this point.

The previous year, her trainer Don Law gave an interview to the journal The Tee Times, in which he outlined her skills. Bella is the genuine deal, and if anybody from around here will be playing on the LPGA Tour, it’s probably likely to be this one right here, according to what he said. She trains five times a week and has an extremely strong mental game; as a result, she is very difficult to defeat and is not intimidated by the prospect of competing.

It will be quite intriguing to follow Simoes’s development as a player over the next few years, regardless of whether or not she is able to participate in the Major Championship that will be held this year.

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