Published On: Tue, Jun 20th, 2023

What is Tracking Number and How to Track a Package in USA

Package Tracking USA

If you have placed an online order and have your tracking number, it will not be difficult for you to check how far along your cargo has gotten. You can do it whenever you like, and the results will be ready in just a few seconds.

There are different free online package tracking services that you can easily use to track your package. Some may use order numbers, while most of the services require a tracking number to track your package.

What is a Tracking Number?

When you ship a box using any postal service, you are given either a unique Shipment ID or a package tracking number. This number is used for tracking the package during its journey. Universal tracking of an international package is made possible by this number.

This number is the connection between you and the package that is currently in transit.

It may seem different depending on the postal provider that you have selected, as well as the international or local shipping, but it will still allow you to monitor any package:



15 010 000 00, etc.

Different Tracking Number Formats

This code, despite the fact that it is referred to as a “number” in the context of international package tracking, may include spaces, letters, hyphens, and numbers all at the same time. When it comes to labeling packages, each individual courier service has devised its own set of guidelines.

However, there are a lot of postal companies that employ the international standard S10, which stipulates that the tracking number for a shipment must consist of a 13-digit code that contains both alphabetic and numerical digits.

It consists of letters that designate the service and the country that is responsible for supplying it, as well as numbers that are used to identify the shipment. For instance:

  • LA007017700AT
  • VA400401004FR
  • MZ124123124IE
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Tracking a Package with an Order Number

It is not possible to trace packages using the order number in the vast majority of instances. On the other hand, certain postal services do provide such an alternative.

Visit the website of the courier and inquire about customer service through the use of the chat feature or the phone number to see whether or not this pertains to your situation. You may also try entering the order number of your order into the search bar on their website and checking to see if it yields any results.

In the event that the courier service does not offer the possibility to look for the position of the parcel using the order number, you need to contact the seller in order to obtain the tracking number for the product you have purchased.

After that, you will be able to effortlessly utilize our global parcel tracking service to learn the course that it is taking as it makes its way toward its destination.

How to Find Your Order Number?

If you wish to utilize the “Tracking My Package” option on the website of the postal corporation, you will need the order number. You can get your order number in a number of different ways, including the following:

  • From within the customer’s personal account on the website of the online retailer.
  • Based on previous electronic communication with the vendor.
  • From a text message that is often delivered to the customer after the order has been processed.

Don’t Have a Tracking Number? What To Do?

It is possible to trace a delivery even without a unique tracking number, although doing so will take significantly more time. To accomplish this, you will need to get in touch with the shipping provider and inquire about their “Track My Order” service.

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You, as the sender, have the option of requesting that the recipient keep you updated regarding the timely delivery of the parcel. In the event that it did not arrive on time for any reason, you can also get in touch with the courier provider.

How to Track Packages in the United States?

Utilizing a universal service that provides you with the route package tracking systems access of all international postal carriers is the most effective method for tracking overseas shipments.

No matter what postal service you have used, you may use the website to track the progress of your parcel and find out where it is in the delivery process. This is easy to use site for USA package tracking.

It simply takes a few seconds to locate your delivery after all of the relevant information has been uploaded to a specialized parcel tracking map.

How to Track Your Package

Your account on the website of the seller can be used to perform direct tracking of a delivery that you have ordered from an online retailer.

In order to accomplish this, you will need to activate the “Track Package” function in connection with the order for which you are awaiting the arrival of the shipment.