Published On: Tue, Jul 4th, 2023

What Is Occupational Therapy & How to Get It

What is Occupational Therapy

Are you finding yourself having difficulties performing everyday tasks? Do things that come easily to other people come difficult to you? Why don’t you consider occupational therapy, then?

If worried about losing your independence due to not being able to perform those daily tasks, then you should definitely consider seeing professionals in this field. They work with children along with adults as well. So, if it is your kid you’re worried about, taking them to see these professionals could be of great help.

Of course, you won’t make any concrete moves toward this until you actually understand what occupational therapy is in the first place. And even then, you may be worried that you don’t know how to actually get this type of therapy and be sure you’re getting the perfect services. All questions we’ll answer for you are below.

What Is Occupational Therapy?

Starting with the most basic question. Occupational therapy is basically the process of assisting people in performing everyday tasks, such as bathing, dressing, communicating clearly and similar things. It is, naturally, personalized in accordance to the patient’s needs.

While it is sometimes confused with physiotherapy, these two are actually different, as explained at The main difference is that occupational therapy focuses on redeveloping fine motor skills. It focuses on the completion of specific tasks, while physiotherapy focuses on physical functioning and movements.

As a holistic movement, OT encompasses everything from physical movement to cognitive functioning, socializing, psychology, and mental health. Suffering a stroke, for example, can leave a person’s physical and mental functions impaired. And, this healthcare branch focuses on helping them regain those.

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How to Get It?

Having realized you may need OD, you’ll begin thinking about how to get it. And, of course, your goal is to get great therapy. Meaning, you’ll have to put some effort into finding the perfect experts to visit and schedule your appointment with.

How can you do that, though? It may seem easy. You may think that anyone can do the necessary work with you. Yet, being careful when choosing is a must.

Why? Because you want your occupational therapy to be successful. And, in order for it to be successful, you’ll need to find the right experts to work with.

Talk to Your General Practitioner

Talk to your GP first. They may be able to refer you to someone. And, they will more clearly explain the benefits of OT you can get.

It is important, though, not to take their recommendations as set in stone. Not that you shouldn’t trust your GP, though. It’s just that, they may not be familiar with all the great experts working in this field. Thus, doing your own research is a good idea too.

Search for Therapists Online

Speaking of doing your own research, you should start by searching for these professionals online. Aiming at getting great OT (more info), you should create a list of therapists first. And, online searches, coupled with those recommendations above, will help create that list.

Research Them in Details

What do you do after creating the list? You start doing deeper research. Finding out as much as possible about the pros before contacting them is definitely the right thing to do.

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Start by checking their official sites. Take a look at their About page to get some relevant info. And, of course, remember to check out the specific services they’re offering and try to find out which types of patients they’ve worked with in the past. So as to check if they could be great for your specific condition.

Compare Experience and Reputation

When aiming at choosing the best OT for you, and you’ll find tips on that online, you should remember to compare their experience and reputation.

The more experienced these pros are, the higher the chances of getting the perfect care. And, the same goes for reputation. Working with ill-reputed professionals should never be your goal.

Schedule an Appointment

Having done all the necessary research, you’ll be ready to choose. After choosing, you’ll have to get in touch with the OT you’ve selected. Schedule your appointment and visit the professional you’ve chosen so as to get the benefits of occupational therapy.