Actor Jamie Foxx Makes his First Public Appearance after being Hospitalized

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Jamie Foxx

This past week was the first time that Jamie Foxx has been seen in public since the actor was hospitalized due to a “medical condition.” The actor has been seen around town this weekend.

TMZ recorded Foxx as he was floating on a boat as well as waving at spectators, providing fans with their first view of the star in months.

The former Django Unchained actor is still recovering from the injury. On the Chicago River, Foxx was observed riding aboard the boat with some other guests who were also present.

Corrine, Foxx’s daughter, released a statement in April announcing that her father was hospitalized. The statement was made public.

Read the statement to learn that “we wished to share that, yesterday, (April 11), Jamie Foxx encountered a medical complication,” which was written in the statement. Fortunately, as a result of prompt response and excellent care, he is currently well on his path to recovery.

We are aware of how cherished he is, and we are grateful for your prayers. The family asks that you give them their space during this difficult time.

A little over a month after the initial report, Foxx published an announcement through his social networks providing an update on his condition.

Be grateful for all of the affection. Reading the note on Instagram made me feel even luckier.

Nick Cannon came in to replace Jamie Foxx as the host of the sixth season of the game program Beat Shazam on Fox. Foxx’s health prevented him from continuing in the role, and Cannon took up the hosting duties.

Fox made the announcement in May that its network would keep working with Jamie Foxx along with his daughter Corrine by having them both host the new show We Are Family, which is slated to premiere in the year 2024.

However, in May, Corrine revealed that her father was staying discharged from the hospital for several weeks and that he was even enjoying pickleball. Foxx’s family has been tight-lipped about the specifics of his health condition, but they did say that he enjoyed playing pickleball.

In the video that is uploaded below, Jamie Foxx can be seen waving to his admirers.

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