Tom Holland Claims he was ‘Enslaved’ by His Drinking

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Tom Holland

After realizing that alcohol has him “enslaved,” film star Tom Holland believes that staying clean is “the greatest thing I’ve ever done.” Holland came to this realization after realizing that he had become “enslaved” to booze.

During an interview on the podcast On Intent with Jay Shetty, the celebrity stated that the first step on his road to sobriety was “an extremely boozy” Christmas the previous year.

However, after opting to go sober for the month of January, he remarked that all he was able to think about was drinking. It gave me a terrible fright.

I simply thought to myself, “Wow, perhaps I do have somewhat amount of an alcohol problem.”

Because of this realization, he decided to extend his rule that he would not drink for another month; nonetheless, he found it difficult to resist the tradition of drinking in England.

According to Holland, she felt as though she was unable to interact with others. I had the impression that I was unable to go to the bar and order a lime soda. I was unable to go out to a restaurant for dinner. I was having a really difficult time.

I just kind of asked myself, ‘Why?’ over and over again. Why do I feel like I’m a slave to this beverage? Why was I so preoccupied with the thought of consuming this beverage?’

The incident left him shaken, and he resolved to abstain from drinking for a period of six months. By the time he turned 27, on June 1st, he believed that he had successfully reached his goal.

At that point in time, he claimed to be the happiest he had ever been in his entire life.

The celebrity then went on to detail a number of the positive changes that have occurred in his life since he stopped drinking.

I was able to rest better. He claimed that I was more capable of resolving issues. Things that might go awry on set, things that usually set you off, I was able to take in stride. I could even laugh about them. I experienced a considerable improvement in my mental clarity. I felt more nutritious, I felt fitter.

I’m not ashamed to admit it—I had a serious problem with alcohol addiction. I’m not going to try to avoid talking about that at all.

The actor who plays Spider-Man also mentioned that going sober has a few unexpected consequences. Because “so a lot of it pertains to how much you can drink,” he has separated himself away from the rugby community. In addition to that, he was his mother’s motivation to stop drinking.

He mentioned that she is ecstatic about it and that it has been an incredible experience. I can’t believe how much better I feel since I quit drinking. It’s incredible. Yeah, I feel wonderful.

After grueling filming for the television series The Crowded Room, Holland is now going nine months ahead of a year-long vacation from acting. This decision came about as a result of the exhausting experience.

The actor stated in an interview that he discovered it “tough” to play a role that drew on “the college rapist” Billy Milligan, a man from the United States who claimed to have 24 different personalities.

Milligan was the very first individual to be judged not guilty of any crimes by reason of insanity. This was done on the premise of dissociative identity disorder, and as a result, he spent the next ten years in mental facilities rather than in prison.

According to what Holland said with Extra TV, “We were investigating feelings that I have certainly not felt before.”

And on top of all that, as a producer and having to deal with the day-to-day challenges that are inherent to the production of any picture just added that additional degree of pressure.

As a direct result of how challenging this show was, I decided to take a year off from performing.

Despite the fact that he has had to deal with challenging situations over the course of the past year, the actor has received support from his girlfriend and co-star in Spider-Man, Zendaya.

In an interview that aired a week ago on the Smartless podcast, he stated that he felt “lucky because I have somebody in my circle of friends like Zendaya.”

He went on to say that it was an intriguing experience to be in a love connection with someone who was in the same situation as oneself.

You are able to share what you’ve learned and all of that other kind of stuff, which is something that is quite valuable.

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