Grieving Ukrainian Families Face Counteroffensive

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Ukrainian families

Boys in their teens mourned their father in Kharkiv Yevgeny Hutnik on Sunday, 10 days before he passed away while fighting versus Russian forces in the eastern Donetsk region. This is an image that is all too common, but it is one that should not be seen.

His coffin was buried in Kharkiv Cemetery beside those of other Kharkiv troops who had died in the conflict. The section of land in the cemetery that has been set aside for them to use continues to expand. During the little period of time that CBS News was present at the cemetery, 2 additional bodies were transported to be buried, which is something that happens virtually every day.

The exact number of casualties suffered by Ukraine’s side in their conflict with Russia is never made public. However, it appears that there has been a significant increase in the number of casualties in the 3 months after their counteroffensive was initiated.

Pavlo, Oksana’s spouse, passed away as a result of the air attack.

Oksana informed CBS News that it is difficult to believe that he is no longer among them. “It is only until I am physically present that I am able to comprehend it. I have the impression that he remains alive and is off doing something somewhere.

After five years of marriage, the couple divorced. They made a pact that she would replace Pavlo in the fight in the event that he was slain. She is currently serving as a member of an airborne reconnaissance team in Bakhmut, where she is engaged in combat.

There is a morgue located close to the front lines, and unidentified troops are transported there directly from the field of action. It is Margot’s responsibility to record the specifics of their deaths and to assist in assigning names to those who have perished. One day, it took on a more personal significance.

According to Margot, the day that they brought her spouse here was the saddest day of her life. That day was the most challenging of my entire life.

It appears like there is no end in sight to the procession of death that goes through these doors. Young children are constantly being made aware of the fact that war isn’t some remote occurrence from the past. It is right outside their front door, and they are going experience it in the most difficult way that is imaginable.

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