Scarlett Johansson becomes highest grossing actress of the year

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Scarlett Johansson has been named as the top grossing movie star of Hollywood industry in 2016 by Forbes Magazine after appearing in the films that amassed about $1.2 billion in global tickets sales. The Tony Award winning American beautiful actress also part in the Marvel blockbuster ‘Captain America: Civil War’ which was also highest grossing film of the year because made about $1.5 billion all over the world.

32 years striking beauty Johansson, edged ahead of cp-stars Chris Evans Robert Downey Jr, who tied for second place because she also made her appearance in the Coen brothers’  “Hail, Caesar!” which raked in %63.2 million. She reprised her fans with many roles but most with Black Widow in Captain America series therefore Scarlett Johansson has risen to the top of the earning table.

It has been a luckiest and worthwhile year for Scarlett Johansson because she was also named as the third highest paid actress earlier in August by Forbes as she earned $25 millions in a single year. While Britain’s Felicity Jones appeared on the box office list for the very first time by making ninth place with total earnings for her films at US$805 million.

So with the amazing roles in ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,’ children’s fantasy ‘A Monster Calls,’ and mystery thriller ‘Inferno’ as she was the only star in the top 10 not to rely heavily on movies based on comics. So annual list by Forbes is released on Tuesday, is prepared by using data of the box office.

Interesting to know that Forbes has not included animated movies in this list that also perform very well on the box office such as “The Jungle Book,” that grossed about $967 millions also starred Johansson. So the lists of top earning actors in this year are:


Scarlett Johansson – US$1.2 billion

Chris Evans – US$1.15 billion

Robert Downey Jr – US$1.15 billion

Margot Robbie – US$1.1 billion

Amy Adams – US$1.04 billion

Ben Affleck – US$1.02 billion

Henry Cavill – US$870 million

Ryan Reynolds – US$820 million

Felicity Jones – US$805 million

Will Smith – US$775 million



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