Successful Pregnancy possible even in high-risk heart defects

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Successful Pregnancy even in heart defects

Pregnant women with high-risk heart defects will undergo a successful pregnancy if they adopt the right medical support according to new United States health guidelines.

Although Pregnancy carries some serious risks in which heart disease is one of the highest risks and it thought to be impossible to have a successful pregnancy in high heart defects risk but now women have to feel relax because the American Heart Association unveiled some of the guidelines.

According to the guidelines women will suffer from successful pregnancy even in high-risk heart defects if they start receiving the right medical support. Mary Canobbio who is the researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles revealed the guidelines, these guidelines first created by American Heart Association to offer a road map to women who have long been told to avoid pregnancy altogether.

Mary Canobbio said in a mail which can be read as, “Historically the tendency has been to advise these women to avoid pregnancy because the defect and surgeries done to keep these women alive are complex and the long term survival is difficult to predict – so concern has been that the ‘added burden’ of pregnancy could potentially cause more problems and decrease their own long term survival.”

Congenital heart defects affect vessels and holes in the heart muscle. The structural problem becomes the cause of abnormal heart rhythm and beating difficulties. Most of the girls born today have high-risk compilation for both babies and mothers. A successful pregnancy is now possible by following some medical support.


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