Apple is all set to begin manufacturing iPhones in India

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apple iphone manufacturing in india

After a long time of negotiation, the American multinational company Apple finally took a decision to make an agreement over manufacturing iPhones in an Indian technology hub in Bangalore, according to Government official.

The Apple Inc. is delivering super-fast more reliable smartphones to the world and these all units are manufacturing in different plants in different countries. Now, India wishes to take the responsibility for producing a standardize product with the label “Apple”.

At last, the negotiations between Indian tech hub and Apple finalize to grant the production of iPhones in India as per the government officials revealed. Indian Information Technology Minister Priyanka Kharge stated that the negotiations reached to an agreement in principle with American giant at State of Karnataka where Bangalore located.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the Apple’s desire is to establish a manufacturing hub in India and all this become possible after PM’s “Made in India” initiative. Priyanka Kharge told to CNN Money on Friday, the iPhone assembly will start manufacturing products as soon as April and the tech plant in Bangalore is finalized.

While the whole manufacturing plant will be operated by Wistron who is an Apple headquarter supplier in Taiwan. According to reports, Indian and Apple officials are narrowing down the possibilities for establishing a manufacturing plant locally over past couple of months. This is happening because last year Apple has sold about 2.5 million units of iPhone in India.

The manufacturing plant is under supervision of Wistron and the first product of the plant may be iPhone 8.

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