Plane hits shopping center in Melbourne, 5 killed

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Plane crashes into shopping centre near Melbourne

A light aircraft crashed into a shopping center in Melbourne on Tuesday that killed five people who were on board, Victoria Police confirmed.

A veteran Australian pilot killed when a light plane almost four American tourist on board crashed into Direct Factory Outlet Shopping Center near airport in Melbourne. The twin-engine Beechcraft Super King Air hit the “massive fireball” into a shopping mall shortly after taking off from the small Essendon Airport, Victoria Police revealed.

Canberra US Embassy has confirmed the identification of four victims as US citizens who were on a golfing vacation. According to US Embassy, two of the US victims Russell Munsch and Texans Greg Reynolds De Haven identified by their families on Social Medias.

However, the pilot of the light Beechcraft B200 Super King Air aircraft was Max Quartermain who is categorized as the “true aviator” of gentle and caring nature. A friend of Max unveiled, Max Quartermain was headed towards Tasmania’s King Island with four Americans on a gold trip.

The cause of Melbourne plane crash believed to be a “catastrophic Engine Failure” but the Australian Transport Safety Bureau still investigating the Beechcraft B200 King Air crash that was happen on 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

Fortunately, no-one killed and injured in shopping mall in Melbourne despite destruction.

Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrerws declare this crash a worst civilian aviation accident in 30 years.

The Pilot of plane Max Quartermain is the 63-years old experience pilot                and the owner of Corporate & Leisure Aviation.

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