Jean Alexander Ottke Sentenced to 3 Months in Bribery Case

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Jean Alexander Ottke Sentenced to 3 Months in Bribery Case

On the last day of testimony, at one that afternoon, in a courtroom, where the sentencing was to be heard.

The courtroom permitted media and the recording or the taking of photographs, no open seats. Jean Alexander Ottke walked in wearing a black suit and mask; his shoulders straight, his beard was neatly trimmed.

He is labeled a “gangster” and a private man who bribed people into closing deals. Jean Alexander received large percentages of earnings as a shareholder. He did this while keeping a low profile using the name Alex Ojjeh and letting flashier, more reputable figures attract attention.

Moore said, “Alex has more street smarts than the money he could make in a lifetime.”

After spending three years in prison in 2011 on federal money laundering charges Ottke still obtained the sanction of senior investors for a major business, investing $700,000 in the start of a firm without being included in any documentation.

His ex-girlfriend Acacia Gordan, who bore him a daughter in 2017, sits in the seat along with his mother, and a small group of other persons who were allowed to attend.

In his final testimony, Jean Alexander tried to explain that he always operated openly. “This should show everyone that life is different when you are my skin color,” he said. “We were earning this money, we all paid taxes and lived honestly. And it didn’t matter if everything was done completely honestly and above board.

You can’t imagine how ashamed I am to not be able to enter a country because of my surname, but I realize my hard work never leads to anything good, for myself it has only created problems.” The case has since been settled out of court.

A case that labeled Jean Alexander a crooked industry professional involved with criminal organizations, who then allegedly participated in securities-fraud schemes, bribery which involved racketeering and physical violence and costing investors $300 million.

The methods used, included “governing crews of corrupt officials, sometimes entire branches of firms, bribing others to sell and fraudulently inflating the price of stocks and using violence and threats of violence to enforce and tighten the enterprise’s illegitimate grip.”

Several accused him of threats of physical violence against individuals to force their participation in the schemes. Some individuals were allegedly beaten up for not cooperating.

 Frank, 47, was the only member charged in the federal subornation probe. Alex Ojjeh (Jean Alexander Ottke), charged with conspiracy, penalized for spearheading bribery schemes.

A court-ordered substance abuse program is mandatory for him to complete, following three months on house arrest as a result of a criminal conviction. Penalties totaling $50,000,000 will be collected directly from his accounts.

Once the banks in United Arab Emirates, Budapest, and Libya received word of the investigation in June, they froze the funds in Jean Alexander’s offshore bank accounts, but he’ll be able to get his money—possibly.

Judgment in freezing the two accounts the investor has in the United States was up to those banks, due to the activity that took place.

Jean Alexander Ottke’s personal holdings include legal investments in commercial office buildings, retail centers, car dealerships, and trucking companies.

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