11 Most Criticized Pakistani Actresses For Pictures in Revealing Dresses

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Most Criticized Pakistani Actresses

Wearing revealing and bold dresses by celebrities, especially by female actresses is not a new thing in the showbiz industry. Though it is very common in India and other parts of the world, but in Pakistan, things are different for Pakistani actresses.

People of Pakistan want to look the female celebrities in totally covered dresses. Any actress who wears a bold and revealing dress has to face criticism from her fans. Usually in India and even in Bangladesh and Iran (which are Muslim countries), it is normal that actresses reveal their deep cleavage and they wear short skirts and short blouses.

Things are different in Pakistan, you can’t even imagine wearing a short blouse that shows some part of the bally or the belly button. Showing cleavage or full-back is out of the question.


Since the showbiz industry is a different world, so actresses want to show some glamor by wearing beautiful modern dresses. They want to look pretty in their choice of outfits. Whenever Pakistani actresses try to wear some bold dress, they had to face severe criticism. It happens after every few weeks or months.

Pakistani Actresses Criticized for Dressing

Here we will discuss a few Pakistani actresses who are criticized badly by the fans because of their revealing dresses. So let’s start:

1. Urwa Hocane in Short Backless Blouse


Urwa Hocane is a top Pakistani actress who worked in various Pakistani dramas, telefilms, and movies. She is married to Farhan Saeed who is also a famous Pakistani actor and singer.

At a wedding party, Urwa Hocane danced with her husband Farhan Saeed while she was wearing a very short blouse that was revealing her full back and belly. Fans of Urwa Hocane when watched her video and pictures they were shocked and they bashed her badly for wearing such a revealing dress.

By the way, if you look at her pictures, she was looking so cute and charming. Here you can see a few pictures of Urwa in half blouse lehenga dress and half blouse white Saree.



Give your opinion about Urwa Hocane’s beautiful pictures in half blouse saree and lehenga.

2. Saba Qamar Birthday Dress


Saba Qamar is known for his boldness and great acting skills off course. She is one of the best and senior Pakistani actresses. Saba doesn’t care about the comments from critics and bashing from the fans. She wears whatever she likes that is why you can see a lot of hot and bold photoshoots of Saba Qamar.

Recently she was badly bashed by the fans when she wears a cute blue color dress on her birthday. She was looking like a barbie doll, but what can we do with the sentiments of the fans? They reacted in very negative ways and Pakistani memers also took full advantage and created memes on her dress.

Saba Qamar is also famous because of her awesome acting in the Bollywood hit movie “Hindi Medium” in which she worked with legendry actor Late Irrfan Khan. Here you can see the beautiful pictures of Saba Qamar wearing her beautiful birthday dress.

Saba Qamar Blue Dress Deep Neck

Saba Qamar Birthday Dress

If you liked the pictures of Saba Qamar on her birthday, do let us know in the comments below.

3. Saboor Aly Half Blouse Saree Lehenga


Recently Saboor Aly attended a wedding function of the family member of HUM TV owners where a lot of Pakistani actresses were present. Saboor who is the sister of another famous Pakistani actress Sajal attended the function with her fiance Ali Ansari.

Both Sajal and Ali wear black dresses and both were looking gorgeous. But since Saboor Aly was wearing a beautiful half, black blouse so fans abused Saboor Aly for wearing such a revealing blouse.

Not only on this wedding occasion, she was criticized by the fans recently for wearing a beautiful blue saree that also has a backless half blouse.

Saboor Aly with Ali Ansari

Saboor Aly Fiance Ali Ansari

Saboor Aly Blue Saree Half Blouse

What do you think? Were these pictures too revealing that fans reacted like that?

4. Ayesha Omar in Hot Backless Blouse

Pakistani Actresses

Ayesha Omar is a good actress who worked in various drama serials. But she is famous because of her comedy-drama “Bulbuly” in which she played the role of “Khobsorat. This is a family drama and 4 years kids to 50+ years people love to watch this drama and they are fans of Ayesha Omar.

But other than this drama, Ayesha Omar remains in the news because of her bold and hot dressing in various photoshoots. She faced a backlash from the fans for her item song Tutti Frutti in the movie Karachi Se Lahore.

Here you can watch a few of her pictures for which she was criticized by fans on different occasions.


Do you like these pictures of Ayesha Omar? Or will you also criticize Ayesha for such bold dressing?

5. Hania Amir Criticized For Revealing Dress

Hania Amir Criticized

The Dimple Queen of Pakistan showbiz industry, Hania Amir is one of the cutest actresses in Pakistan. She is a young and new actress who gets success early in her career. She worked in different super hit drama serials and in a few movies as well.

Hania was badly criticized when she walked on the ramp wearing a revealing skin-tight dress. Hania Amir who has cute dimples remains in the news for different reasons. She was also criticized when she made a video of a man on a plane without his permission and in the end, she had to apologize for this incident.

Recently she was criticized for her video in which she was laying over Aashir Wajahat who is just like a younger brother to Hania. Response from the fans was so strong and abusive that she had to delete that video.

Here you can see a few beautiful pictures of Dimple Girl Hania Amir for which she was criticized.

Hania Amir Backless

Hania Amir Backlashed


We know Hania Amir remains in the news for various reasons, but we would like to know your opinion about Hania’s dressing in these pictures.

6. Alizeh Shah Hum Style Award Show


Alizeh Shah is another cute and new young actress in Pakistan’s showbiz industry. She worked in different drama serials but she gets fame from an army-based drama serial in which she played the role of ‘Dua’.

Alizeh Shah had a great fan following but recently she was criticized because of her dress at Hum Style Awards. Alizeh was wearing a black shoulderless frock. Her fans didn’t like that outfit and they made memes on her. They also criticized her and said it is a cheap tactic to get popularity.

Heavy criticism was recorded by the fans on leaked pictures of Alizeh Shah wearing just a bra. But after that, it was cleared that those were not her pictures. The girl in those leaked topless pictures was just a lookalike of Alizeh Shah.

Alizeh Shah was also criticized when she wears a shirt with a deep neckline revealing some part of Alizeh Shah’s cleavage. Watch her pictures for which her fans criticized Alizeh Shah.


Alizeh Shah Hum Style Awards

Are you still a fan of Alizeh Shah or have you unfollowed her on Instagram like other haters?

7. Anoushay Abbasi in Gym Wear

Anoushay Abbasi Gym Wear

You might have seen Anoushay Abbasi in various supporting roles in different dramas of Pakistan. She also faced criticism from the fans when she posted her pictures in gym wear.

Though it was not a revealing dress, since it was skin-tight gym wear, so it shows the figure and body parts. That was the reason that fans of Anoushay didn’t like these pictures.

Here you can see Anoushay Abbasi’s gym wear pictures.

Pakistani Actresses

Anoushay Abbasi Gym Wear

anoushay-abbasi-gym wear

What is your opinion about these pictures? Should Anoushay wear a dress like this or not?

8. Nausheen Shah Hum Style Awards

Pakistani Actresses Revealing Dresses

Nausheen Shah is a senior actress and a professional model of Pakistan. She spoke in the favor of Qandeel Baloch when everyone was against her. So, we can say that Nausheen Shah is a brave person who can take a stand.

Nausheen recently faced criticism for her dressing in the Hum Style Awards 2021. She won the award for Most Stylish Actor Female 2020 and when Nausheen came to receive her award, she leaves everyone stunned.

Nausheen was wearing a strapless bra with a front open jacket on it. Usually, people of Pakistan don’t like this type of dress so everyone criticized her for her bold and revealing dressing.

Fans criticized her on her birthday as well. You can see a few of her pictures below.

Nausheen Shah Hum Style Awards


9. Sohai Ali Abro Insulting Hijab


Charming actress of the Pakistani TV industry, Sohai Ali Abro faced swear criticism from the religious community of Pakistan. Sohai Ali has done a photoshoot for Ali Xeeshan in which she was wearing a hijab, but with hijab, she also wears a revealing dress.

In the photos, Sohai wears a strapless bra along with a long shirt that was open from the front and her belly was visible. The religious community of Pakistan took this as an insult to the Hijab culture. In fact, the hijab is not a culture but it’s an obligation for every woman.

Not only this, fans criticized her for the item number that she did in the movie Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and other dresses in the film.

Sohai Ali Abro Ali Xeeshan Hijab Insult

Sohai Ali Abro Jawani Phir Nahi Aani

What is your opinion about wearing a hijab with a strapless bra and open shirt? Do you think it is an insult to hijab or it is a normal thing in the showbiz industry?

10. Mehwish Hayat Tamgha -e- Imtiaz

Mehwish Hayat

The famous Pakistani actress from the movie Punjab Nahi Jaungi, Mehwish Hayat has faced criticism from fans countless times. She was honored with the Tamgha e Imtiaz by the President of Pakistan. After this, a lot of fans criticized her and asked what is the achievement of Mehwish? Why she was honored with such a high-profile award?

All the movies of Mehwish Hayat are the top-grossing movies of the Pakistan film industry. Punjab Nahi Jaungi, Mehwish Hayat worked in the movie, Actor in Law, Punjab Nahi Jaungi, Chhalawa, Loadwedding, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, and a few more movies.

Her item song from the movie Na Maalom Afraad was also criticized for the dressing. Then in Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, she wears revealing dresses. Mehwish has done a few more item songs and a few stage performances in which she was wearing a bold and revealing dress.

After all this criticism, Mehsish said that she doesn’t care about it. She just loves his work and she will wear what she thinks is good for the character and for her personality.

Pakistani Actresses

Mehwish Hayat Bold Dress



Mehwish Hayat Item Song

Based on these pictures of Mehwish Hayat, Pakistani people believe that she doesn’t deserve to be honored with Tamgha e Imtiaz.

11. Ghana Ali Raza

Ghana Ali

Ghana Ali Raza is another famous Pakistani actress. She has worked in many drama series as a sporting actress. But all her roles were important and viewers liked her for her acting skills and for her innocent beauty.

She faced criticism after her marriage. The pictures for which she got the reaction from fans have nothing wrong with it. It was not a revealing or vulgar picture. Ghana was wearing a simple and elegant green dress and there was a hint of her padded bra.

The bra line was visible due to the wrong fitting of the shirt and for this, she had to face bad comments from her fans. Well, this is very normal for not only the Pakistani actresses but also for an ordinary housewife, as every woman wears a bra, and sometimes it happens that some part of it is visible through the shirt.

Here you can see the pictures for which Ghana Ali had to face criticism from the fans.

Ghana Ali Green Dress Revealing Bra

Ghana Ali Tattoo on neck


Well, these are the top 11 Pakistani actresses who were badly criticized for their bold and revealing dressing. Watch these pictures and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us. You can use the comment section below, or you can message us on our Facebook page. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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