Saboor Aly Bridal Photoshoot: She is Looking More Pretty Than Minal Khan

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Sajal Aly is one of the best Pakistani actresses who worked mostly in TV dramas. She is a young Pakistani actress who recently appeared in the drama “PariZaad” as Babli Badmash. Today we see Saboor Aly’s bridal photoshoot in which she was looking much pretty.

Fans of Saboor Aly also appreciated her a lot and some of them even compared her with Minal Khan’s bridal photos who just married Ahsan Mohsin Ikram. Some fans of Saboor Aly said that she is looking much prettier than Minal Khan.

Saboor Aly was recently criticized and abused by her fans when she posted her pictures with her fiance. In these pictures, she was wearing a half blouse and revealing her belly. Because of this dress, Saboor Aly was badly criticized. A few fans even abused her family at that moment. But now, everyone is happy because she is wearing a traditional Pakistani bridal dress.

Saboor Aly Pakistani Bride

The recent bridal photoshoot of Saboor Aly was done by Allure Salon & Spa Islamabad and they have posted these photos on their Instagram account as well.

One fan commented on Saboor’s picture that why don’t you people find a good makeup artist on weddings? According to him, she is looking much prettier than other celebrity brides in real life.

Saboor Aly Pakistani Bridal Photos

Saboor Aly Bridal Photos

Saboor Aly Bridal Photoshoot

Photography by Mahad Ur Rehman for this bridal campaign 2021. While the studio used belonged to Ali Xeeshan.

Saboor Aly Bridal Photoshoot

Saboor Aly Bridal Pictures Album

Saboor Aly Bridal Pictures

Saboor Aly Bridal-Photoshoot

Saboor-Aly Bridal-Photoshoot



Bridal Campaign by Allure Salon

Bridal-Shoot-Allure Salon

Sabool Aly Bride Allure Salon

Saboor Aly Allure Salon Bridal Makeup

Saboor Aly Bridal Look



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