Hania Amir Bridal Shoot: Azal Bridal Collection by Sunnia Manahil Clothing

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Hania Amir Sunnia Manahil Clothing

Hania Amir is an absolute beauty and the most adorable young actress in Pakistan. She doesn’t have any artistic background and still, she has achieved top places among the best Pakistani actresses. Hania is pure talent and natural beauty who achieved success at a very young age.

Recently, Hania Amir was featured in the Sunnia Manahil Clothing photoshoot. Sunnia Manahil Clothing is a clothing brand that mainly focuses on bridal clothing. Sunnia Manahil named this bridal collection ‘Azal’.

Azal Bridal Couture ’21 is available now on the official website of Sunnia Manahil. Whereas, Hania Amir’s bridal shoot was stunning while wearing Azal bridal collection.

Hania Aamir Photoshoot

Hania Aamir has done this bridal shoot with her beautiful smile and she just showed the elegance of the bridal dress. Here are some amazing pictures of Hania Amir’s bridal photoshoot while wearing Azal by Sunnia Manahil clothing.

Here are the credits for this bridal photoshoot:

Muse: Hania Amir
Photography: @shayank.sherwani
Art Direction: @hashimali90
Jewelry: @allurebymht
Makeup Artist: @qasimliaqat
Styling: @Yash645

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Hania Amir Bridal Shoot

Check some amazing and charming photos from Hania Amir bridal shoot.

Hania Amir Bridal Clothing

Hania Amir Latest Photoshoot

Hania Amir Photoshoot

Hania Amir Sunnia Manahil Clothing


Hania-Aamir-Sunnia Manahil Clothing

Sunnia Manahil Clothing Hania Aamir

Sunnia Manahil Clothing

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