Dream Nikah Look of Hania Amir: Bridal Photoshoot with a Cute Smile

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Hania Aamir Bridal Makeup

The Dimple Queen of Pakistan film and TV industry, Hania Amir is looking great in her latest bridal photoshoot. She is wearing an elegant bridal dress ‘Khurshid’ by Faiza Saqlain. Hania Amir’s nikah look is just amazing with a smiling face.

The bridal makeup of Hania Amir has been done by Allure Salon & Spa Islamabad. They have explained the details of Hania Amir’s bridal makeup. On their Instagram post they captioned the picture:

Hania Amir exudes old-school charm in an indomitable nikah look created by ‘Allure Salon & Spa Islamabad’. Featuring tinted lips with flawless glowing skin of Hania. The purpose is to enhance her natural features crafted for sheer perfection bringing in a radiant glow. Her doe eyes were enhanced with black kohl and dramatic mink lashes. Lastly, a mix of unique tones of peachy pink created a perfect pout.

Hania Amir Allure Salon Bridal Photoshoot

Normally, brides in Pakistan looks very serious and flat face expressionless face in their bridal photoshoot. But Hania Amir is not like others. She has a cute smiling face in this latest bridal shoot.

Check out Hania Amir’s bridal photoshoot wearing Azal by Sunnia Manahil.

We all know that Hania Amir is a girl who knows how to enjoy life. She is a jolly girl who always smiles and doing naughty things. That is why her fans still remember her role of Rumaisa (Rumi) in the ARY drama Ishqiya.

Her beautiful smile and cute dimples remind us of the bridal look of Hania in the drama serial Ishqiya.


Hania Amir Bridal Shoot Details

Hania Amir’s bridal dress is from Faiza Saqlain’s Khurshid, make done by Allure Salon & Spa Islamabad while the beautiful images and the photography is done by Izzah Shaheen Malik and Mahad Ur Rehman.

Izzah Shaheen said that she always wanted to shoot Hania Amir in this dupatta setting, with minimal makeup, and old-styled jewelry while wearing a bridal dress. She said that it was a great experience

Hania Amir Bridal Dress

Hania Amir’s Nikah Look

According to the makeup artist, this look is best for Nikah’s photography. No doubt, Hania Amir is looking gorgeous and beautiful in this Nikal look.

Event planner ‘arjinnovation’ has set everything in a perfect style. Everything was just perfect from makeup to jewelry, from bridal dress to cute bridal model and the set as well.

Hania Amir Bridal Photgraphy

Hania Aamir Bridal Dress

Hania Amir Bridal Look

Hania Amir Beautiful Bride

Hania Aamir Bride

Hania Aamir Bridal Look

Hania Amir Bridal Photoshoot

Hania Amir Bride

Cute Hania Amir Bride

Hania Amir Bridal Makeup

Hania Amir Bridal Shoot

Hania Aamir Bridal Makeup

Hania Aamir Bridal Shoot



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