Hania Amir Red Bridal Look: I am Feeling Like a Real Bride, Says Hania

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Hania Aamir Red Bridal Dress

The dimple queen Hania Amir is one of the favorite models these days for photographers and makeup artists. Especially for the bridal photoshoot, there is no better bridal model than Hania Amir as you can see her red bridal look.

Once again, Hania Amir is featured as the beautiful bride in a new photoshoot by Izzah Shaheen Malik who is one of the top photographers in Pakistan. She recently clicked awesome photos of Hania Amir’s red bridal look.

Hania Aamir Red Bridal Dress

Now, after a few days, Izzah has again done a bridal photoshoot with our dimple girl Hania Amir. The bridal makeup of Hania is done by Allure Salon & Spa Islamabad as the previous 3 bridal shoots of her.

For this bridal shoot, Hania Amir thanked Allure Salon & Spa Islamabad for making her feeling like a real bride. I always wanted to try the red bridal look, said Hania Amir on her Instagram post.


The red bridal dress that Hania Amir wore in this bridal photoshoot is designed by Mohsin Naveed Ranjha.

The bridal jewelry of Hania Amir in this photoshoot is from Hamna Amir.

Hania Amir Red Bridal Look

Hania Amir Red-Bridal-Dress

Hania Aamir Bridal Dress Red

Hania Aamir Bridal Lehnga Red

Hania Aamir Bridal Photoshoot

Hania Aamir Bridal Shoot Red Dress

Hania Aamir Red Bridal Suite

Hania Amir Bridal Dress Red

Hania Amir Bridal Dress-Red

Hania Amir Bridal Lehnga

Hania Amir Bridal Look

Hania Amir Bridal Photoshoot Red Dress

Hania Amir Bridal Photoshoot

Hania Amir Red Bridal Dress

Hania Amir Red Bridal Lehnga

Hania Amir Red Bridal Suite

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