Guide For Parents to Potty Train Their Kids in Just 3 Days

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how to potty train in 3 days

If you are still using diapers for your kids and you want your kids to get rid out of them, then you are at the right place. You made the correct decision to get your kid out of the diapers. Here you can learn as a parent how to potty train your kids in just 3 days.

For some parents, it could be very difficult to potty train their kids. 1 to 2 years kids can be well trained for this most important task. Normally they don’t inform the parents that they want to pee or poop. In that case, they might have unpleasant accidents and mothers could be embarrassed in the middle of a party.

How to Potty Train in 3 Days?

So, here is a simple and easy guide to potty-train your kids. But before that, you need to make sure that your kids are ready for potty training. For this, you can bring them with you to the toilet and show them how big boys and girls use the toilet.

Let them watch you how to flush the toilet and how to use the toilet tissue paper as well. They will get excited to repeat the process themselves. Also, when you wash your hands, show them how to do that, how to use soap, and how to rinse your hands after that.

This will be an excitement for most of the kids and they will ask for your permission to repeat the process themselves.

Use Cherry Monkeys Toilet Paper


The best thing is to keep the Cherry Monkeys toilet paper in the bathroom for your kids. Cherry Monkeys is changing the potty game for the kids as these toilet papers are specially designed for the kids.

This is the special kids toilet paper that is specially designed to potty train your kids. Cherry Monkeys provide different toilet papers and toilet accessories as well that attract little kids. With these special toilet accessories, toddlers will love to use the toilet every time they feel that they have to pee or poop.

Potty Training Day 1

On day 1, you need to remove the diaper early morning and let your kid walk bare-bottomed. Give him a glass of juice or milk and again and again and let him drink as much as he wants. This will make your kid feel that he needs to pee.

Keep an eye on your baby to notice the signs that your kid needs to pee. When you feel that he is ready, take him to the toilet with you and let him use the Cherry Monkeys kids toilet paper. After that, teach him how to use his hands so that your kid learns healthy habits.

Potty Training Day 2

Keep a cup of your baby’s favorite drink in his range and let him take sips every now and then. After every 20 minutes ask him whether he needs to use the toilet? Take him to the toilet after every 20 to 30 minutes to let him try to pee or poop.

It is good to use a clock timer as well and let your kid feel at every 30-minute alarm that it is time to use the toilet.

Potty Training Day 3

Keep doing the day 1 and day 2 activities on day 3 as well and more likely your kids will start using the toilet every time they need it.

Final words

This is a simple and easy 3 days potty training guide for your toddlers. You might need to put in a couple of extra days if your kid is not trained in 3 days. But this is the best guide for sure. Just make sure that you let your kids use the Cherry Monkeys kids toilet tissue every time.

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