Over 1,000 Ukrainian Orphans and Foster Kids Take Refuge in Turkey

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Ukrainian Refugees in Turkey

More than 1,000 orphans and foster children are among the 50,000 Ukrainians who have fled to Turkey in the course of the conflict.

Some of them have relocated to Antalya. It is a coastal city with a large Ukrainian and Russian population that existed prior to the start of the current crisis.

‘The DailyNews Times’ was able to meet a group of Ukrainian businesspeople who helped rescue and care for a group of orphans.

Kirill, a Ukrainian immigrant from Chernigov, was playing basketball in the Antalya sun when he remarked he would rather be at home with his family.

“You know, they didn’t want me to see the conflict because they were concerned about me?” Kirill commented.

“They wanted me to leave, even if I wanted to be with them, even if it was risky because they wanted to protect me emotionally.”

In addition to Kirill, more than 1,000 orphans and foster children have come in Turkey since the conflict began. They’re waiting to return home in a hotel secured by Turkish police and whose location must remain a secret.

Ruslan Shozdak, the head of a Ukrainian grocery and drugstore business, is their primary supporter in Antalya.

“We have been able to put this concept into reality thanks to our work in conjunction with the Ukrainian consulate in Antalya,” he stated.

Legal Status and Documents

I can’t believe Turkey had signed all the appropriate paperwork and granted permission to take these children less than a month after the war began. Even refugees don’t have to apply for a Turkey visa online because Ukraine is included in the visa-free countries list.

Authorities further mentioned that rather than relying on others, we’re encouraging people to take charge of their own medical care.

Ruslan says he needs additional people to help out. According to a statement by the Turkish ministry responsible for Families and Social Services, the Gov. of Turkey is taking a personal interest in helping the refugees.

Turkey Visa Guide

As we said earlier that there is no need for a Turkey visa if you are moving to Turkey from Ukraine. You can stay there for a maximum of 90 days during 180 days period. You have to inform the authorities before entering or leaving Turkey.

If you get a Humanitarian visa for Turkey, there is no added advantage, instead, there will be a lot of restrictions. Check this Turkey visa application online and get an advantage of all the rights and restriction-free entry to Turkey.

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