Some of the Best Traverse City Boat Tours by Discovery Cruises

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Best Traverse City Boat Tours

This small city of 15,000 people may appear at first to be no different than any other scenic lake town. However, you can rest assured that the places offer a lot of things to do in Traverse City along with amazing boat tours.

This destination in northern Michigan has, over the course of the years, famous as a cultural club and foodie hub, which has unquestionably added to its already jaw-dropping curb appeal.

Traverse City Boat Tours

Traverse City provides a number of opportunities for tourists to explore Lake Michigan from the water, which is undoubtedly the best way to do so. Traverse Tall Ship Company and Nauti-Cat are two companies that provide boat tours in the region that comes highly recommended.

The primary distinction between these two businesses is that the Traverse Tall Ship Company operates a traditional schooner, whereas Nauti-Cat operates a catamaran.

The Nauti-Cat company provides a few different kinds of cruises, such as evening sails and daytime excursions. The Traverse Tall Ship Company, in the meantime, provides sailing trips to the nearby Manitou Island. Each company also provides private charter services.

Consider taking a kayak out on the water for a more strenuous and exciting mode of sightseeing. The well-known River Outfitters is a great place to rent kayaks and take part in a variety of tours, such as journeys down the Boardman River and the one-of-a-kind KaBrew Tour, which combines a kayak trip with a visit to a local brewery.

The Kayak, Bike & Brew tour is yet another hybrid kayak and brewery tour that is popular in the Traverse City area. This tour takes tourists along TART trails, into the water, and to participating microbrewery pubs.

Prices are different for each available tour option. The starting price for an adult on a Nauti-Cat tour is $35, while the starting price for an adult on a tour offered by the Traverse Tall Ship Sailing Company is $42.

You can anticipate paying $50 per person for a River Outfitters tour, while the price for Kayak, Bike & Brew will be $69 per person. Different tour operators offer different hours. Please visit the websites of the respective tour operators for further information.

Best Discovery Cruise Tours in Traverse City

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Observational Cruise of the Bay

During this narrated cruise that lasts for two hours aboard the Discovery, you’ll get to experience the lively atmosphere of Traverse City’s waterfront. While cruising through the picturesque West Bay, our Captain will provide a historical and interesting commentary on our lovely city as he guides your adventure.

Experience being a part of the activities that are taking place on the water, take in the beauty of nature, admire the lovely waterfront homes, and view the Maritime Academy, among many other things.

Enjoying Traverse City from the water on this relaxing, comfortable, and educational sightseeing cruise is a wonderful way to unwind after a busy day. Therefore, take some time to unwind and appreciate the scenery.

Happy Hour on the Waterfront

It’s not hard at all; just kick back, sip some of your drink of choice, and take in some of the most breathtaking panoramas the city has to offer as the brilliant splendor of the bay in the afternoon gives way to the cozy tones of early evening.

All of this was done while indulging in mouthwatering snacks and listening to music with infectious melodies. This is going to be a wonderful beginning to the rest of your evening!

Sunset over the water.

There is nothing that can compare to spending the evening on the water. Come unwind with us at the end of a hectic day on the water at one of a few predetermined times when we will head out onto the bay.

You will have the opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of the bay as well as an unobstructed view of one of Traverse City’s breathtaking sunsets as the Discovery makes its way along the shoreline while playing calming sounds from the past and the present.

There’s a chance that the Captain will share some of his interesting stories about Traverse City.

The non-alcoholic beverages, spirits, specialty drinks, craft beers champagne, domestic beers, red and white wines, and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will all be available for purchase at our full-service beverage bar, which accepts cash and credit cards as payment.

If you are in need of a snack or a lite dinner, a snack bar is open for credit card or cash purchases and will include items such as hot dogs, chips, pastries, and popcorn.

Additionally, for those who would like to end the evening on a sweet note, we have local favorites such as cherry pie and ice box brand ice cream bars in a variety of wonderful flavors.

I really hope to see you on board for this one-of-a-kind cruise that we’ve added to our regular itinerary.

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