Selena Gomez Has Achieved a Milestone on Instagram, Becoming the First Woman to Hit 400 Million Followers

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Now, she has surpassed Kylie Jenner to become the lady with the most followers on the app.

A little over a month after passing Kylie Jenner as the woman with the most followers on Instagram, Selena Gomez has just accomplished another important step forward for social media. This time, she has surpassed 100 million followers on Twitter.

On March 18, the music artist, who is now 30 years old, made history by being the first woman to hit the milestone of 400 million users subscribed to the image-sharing app. Gomez marked the occasion by posting a collection of photographs in which she is seen posing with admirers and captioning the images with the phrase “I wish I could give each and every one of you a bear hug.”

After only one day, she has already amassed 401 million followers and is doing rather well for herself. In the meantime, Jenner is still not far behind with 382 million followers, and player of soccer Cristiano Ronaldo is maintaining his position on the leaderboard with followers of 563 million.

Selena Gomez has been quite vocal about the negative impact that social media and nasty body-shaming remarks have had on her mental health, despite the fact that it is obvious that she is grateful to her followers for their support. Because I was taking a variety of drugs, there was a consistent and noticeable shift in my weight. And it’s clear that people took it and ran with it,” Gomez stated during her recent visit in the docuseries Dear, which airs on Apple TV+. “It seemed as though they couldn’t wait to discover something to use against me in order to bring me down. Because of my lupus, I had gained weight, and people made fun of me for it.

She went on by saying, ” I lied. A picture of myself would be uploaded on the internet with the caption, “It doesn’t matter,” but that wouldn’t stop me. Whatever you’re saying, I refuse to believe it. The whole time, I sobbed into my computer because no one deserved to read my posts about how terrible my life was.

Despite the fact that I was sharing these things while insisting they didn’t upset me, It was something that bothered other people who are going through the same thing, being shamed for their appearance, their identity, their sexual orientation, etc. She finally opened up about her feelings of injustice. Absolutely no one should be made to feel inferior.

Midway through the month of February, the star of Only Murders in the Building spoke with Vanity Fair about her social media presence. During this conversation, she confirmed that her assistant still handles her Instagram account and that TikTok was the only app that could be found on her mobile device, despite the fact that she later stated that she was withdrawing from the app in the wake of the drama involving Hailey Bieber. She told VF, “I went through a difficult time in a breakup, and I was averse to looking at any of the comments, and not just those that pertained to our partnership, but the perceptions of me vs [someone else].” “I went through a difficult time in a split,” she said. There would be thousands of remarks that are extremely kind, but the one that is cruel is the one that comes to mind first.

Gomez continued, “I don’t care whether people think I’m stupid or unattractive because I’m just going to say whatever. People can say whatever they want about me. Nonetheless, these individuals go into detail. They compose paragraphs that are extremely particular and cynical. It seemed like I couldn’t stop crying. I was plagued by anxiousness all the time… I was unable to continue doing it. It was a complete and utter waste of my time.”

Vanity Fair reported that Gomez stated that she enjoys communicating with followers online and listening to the stories that they share. Every single one of those 401 million!

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