For Season 2, Netflix Has Renewed “Night Agent”

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According to Variety’s findings, “The Night Agent” has been quickly given a renewal for a second season at Netflix.

On March 23, less than a week ago, the first episode of the action movie series was made available on the streaming site. Its popularity was instantly apparent, as evidenced by the fact that it quickly ascended to the top spot on Netflix’s weekly Top 10 ranking with viewed hours over 168.71 million. There will be a total of ten episodes in the second season.

According to Shawn Ryan, the creator of the series, the past week has been a frenzy ever since we were finally able to share ‘The Night Agent’ with the rest of the globe. The fact that the program has received such a positive response has brought our cast, directors, writers, and crew a great deal of satisfaction, and it is a testament to the quality of our collaboration with Netflix and Sony Pictures Television. We couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to get started on Season 2 so that we can share the next chapter in the Night Action saga with the new fans we’ve gained.

The book by the same title by Matthew Quirk on which “The Night Agent” is based. According to the official synopsis, the show follows an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who serves in the underground of the White House and never answers his phone until one fateful night when he is thrust into a quick and hazardous conspiracy that finally reaches all the ways to the Oval Office.

The series is led by Gabriel Basso, and it also includes Sarah Desjardins, Fola Evans-Akingbola, Luciane Buchanan, Enrique Murciano, Phoenix Raei, Eve Harlow, Hong Chau, and D. B. Woodside.

According to Jinny Howe, VP of crime drama at Netflix, “We are pleased to see ‘The Night Agent’ give a blockbuster performance and become instantaneously loved around the world.” With a fantastic ensemble that includes Luciane Buchanan, Gabriel Basso, and Shawn Ryan, Hong Chau has produced a spy thriller phenomenon that audiences cannot get enough of, and we are here to deliver an additional dose of the action and excitement that they adore.

Ryan is not only the creator of the series, but also the director and executive producer for it through his company, MiddKid Productions. With Julia Gunn and Seth Gordon of Exhibit A, William Sherak, Jamie Vanderbilt, Nicole Tossou, and Paul Neinstein of Project X, and David Beaubaire of Sunset Lane Media, Marney Hochman of MiddKid serves as an executive producer as well.

We are overjoyed to see ‘The Night Agent’ become an immediate worldwide hit, and we look forward to continuing to tell this tale with our fantastic cast, intellectual leader, Shawn Ryan, and Katherine Pope, head of Sony Pictures Television, praised the fantastic collaborators at Netflix.

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