China has Threatened to “fight back” if Taiwan’s Leader Reaches US Speaker

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On Wednesday, China threatened to “fight back” in the event that Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen met with the speaker of the United States House of Representatives while she was visiting the United States.

Tsai embarked on a trip to the United States on Wednesday, and once she arrives there, she will travel to Belize and Guatemala to strengthen ties with diplomatic friends. On her journey back to Taiwan, she will spend time in California, where the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the United States, Kevin McCarthy, has offered to meet her.

Under China’s “One China” concept, no country may have formal links with both Beijing and Taipei at the same time. China views democratic Taiwan as a component of its territory, which it intends to reclaim at some point in the future.

Beijing issued a warning on Wednesday saying that it was “firmly opposed” to any contact between McCarthy and Tsai and that it would take “resolute steps to strike back” if the meeting went forward.

According to the spokesman for the Taiwan Advisory Council, The One China concept, China’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, and stability and peace across Strait of the Taiwan would all be significantly threatened if (Tsai) engaged with the US Speaker Of the house McCarthy.

Tsai’s travel comes after Honduras made the decision earlier this month to establish diplomatic ties with Beijing, bringing the total number of countries having official connections to Taipei down to 13. Guatemala and Belize are among those countries.

Tsai told the media at the airport as she left that the pressure from the outside world would not stop her from expanding internationally. We are composed and self-assured. We will not give in, and we’re going to not make things worse (others).

Tsai will see her colleague in Guatemala, Belize’s Prime Minister, John Briceno, and Alejandro Giammattei, in their respective nations after first moving To New York, according to her office. On her route back to New York, she will make a pit stop in Los Angeles.

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