Bam Margera, of Jackass fame, Surrenders to Authorities on Assault Charges

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According to statements made by officials on Thursday, a star and creator of the comedy Jackass has handed himself into authorities in Pennsylvania in connection with an alleged altercation that occurred with his brother.

According to the paperwork that was filed with the court on Monday, a warrant of arrest for Brandon Bam Margera was granted.

Following the establishment of a $50,000 that is £40,000 bond, the reality celebrity was granted release on bail.

Mr. Margera is being investigated for allegedly committing violence, harassment, and making terroristic concerns.

His attorney has informed US media sources that he has entered a not-guilty plea on his behalf.

On Sunday, the police stated that when they arrived at Mr. Margera’s family’s residence in Chester County, Pennsylvania, he had already gone into the nearby woods.

According to the paperwork filed in the case, state troopers reacted to a complaint about a domestic dispute at the residence.

Mr. Margera’s brother, the musician Jesse Margera, said to the police that the reality television star had kicked and hammered on his bedroom door and then left a threatening message ordering him not to contact the police. Mr. Margera also told the police that the reality celebrity had left the note.

According to the allegations contained in the records, sometime later, while both brothers were present in the cooking area, Bam Margera began striking his sibling and hitting him in the face.

According to the papers, he made threats to harm his brother as well as other people who were in the residence.

On Thursday, an attorney for Bam Margera said journalists outside the court building that his client should be assumed innocent of the charges against him.

Families routinely engage in conflict with one another. Conflict is inevitable in every household. As reported by NBC, lawyer Michael van der Veen stated that this disagreement should not be resolved through the courts or the press because it is not appropriate for either venue.

Mr. Margera, a former professional skateboarder, shot to fame at the beginning of the 2000s when he became one of the superstars of the successful reality TV program Jackass on MTV. The show included pranks and often risky stunts, and Mr. Margera was one of the program’s stars.

According to the police, the initial hearing for Mr. Margera will take place on May 25 in the court located in Pennsylvania.

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