China vs US: Foreign Policy Magazine said that Trump should learn from India on how to deal with China

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United state’s Foreign Policy magazine made a shocking revelation on Monday morning that United States President-elect Donald Trump has no idea of leading a superpower and he has to learn from “India” on how to effectively deal with China.

The 45th President-elect of United States Donald Trump has to learn enough tactics from one of the Asian Countries about how to deal with emerging world’s best superpower China without the latter blowing its gasket, the note issued by an American magazine “Foreign Policy”.

Previously, Donald Trump received a congratulatory call from Taiwan’s President and promising to launch profitable deals between United States and Taiwan but Trump not knows how to deal with China, the American Foreign Policy magazine advised Donald Trump to learn from that Asian country that how he should have to deal with China. This seems to have forgotten that entire world acknowledging there is one mainland “China” not “Taiwan” therefore, he has to deal directly with China rather than Taiwan to get more advantage of the situation which the country had done in previous cases.

On the other side, Chinese state media also express concerned about U.S President that he doesn’t know to how to run a superpower. In one of the statement that Donald Trump only just becomes the master of the White House but his behave is totally against a mature President. Tension between United States and world’s secondly ranked economy  has rifted more deepens when Chinese found a US owned underwater drone in East China Sea which is allegedly gathering the illegal information.

The matter first ignored by Chinese government but after Donald Trump’s tweet over issue of underwater United State naval vessel annoyed the Chinese regime.

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