A Look-up App for Employees Lying for Bonus is Ready

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Japan’s private company developed a mobile app through which the employee’s sleep can be looked at.

Japan’s private company had warned employees last month that they could fulfill their sleep to stay active in office. The administration had announced a reward for staff for completing 6-8 hours of sleep under which they provide additional bonuses and free meals, as well as other rewards.


The company organized a wedding ceremony and other celebrations also announced to give points for sleeping at least five days 6 hours a week in the night after which the employees also supported the lie to get awards.

Keeping this in mind, the administration has prepared a special app that will help not only identify the location of the employees, but also the details of sleeping will be gathered, After installing this app in all the mobile phones, the company has instructed everyone to open the internet and location on their smart device after leaving the office.

Employees have been instructed to start this app while sleeping so that their sleep duration and depth can be noted.


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